What are the benefits of Versa SD-WAN training for a network engineer?

Software-Defined Wide Area Networking (SD-WAN) is a life-changing technology that simplifies the control and management of the IT infrastructure by delivering a virtual WAN architecture that securely connects users to their applications.

Many vendors, such as Cisco, Versa, etc., have introduced SD-WAN solutions; one such vendor is Versa, who introduced SD-WAN solutions over conventional WAN technologies. Versa SD-WAN is also known as the true multi-Tenant SASE architecture worldwide.

Some of the Versa SD-WAN advantages are mentioned below



  • Reduced deployment time and complexity by simplifying the control of IT Networks.
  • Provides reliable and very secure Internet access to the cloud.
  • Cost-effective as the circuit costs are low due to the usage of broadband, DIA, LTE, etc.
  • Improved WAN control as all the operations are automated. 
  • Efficiency is very high with very less chance of error.

With the advancement in WAN technologies, every networking enterprise looks forward to upgrading itself to have efficient and reliable work. So these enterprises want their Networking professionals to take the Versa SD-WAN training to have the knowledge and better understanding of the SD-WAN technology.

Therefore, Network Engineers are recommended to upgrade their skills by joining the best training institute. But very few institutes in India have introduced the Versa SD-WAN course in their training programs.

PyNet Labs has managed to launch Versa SD-WAN training for the Network Engineers, where they will learn how to integrate Versa SD-WAN with their current network.

Our Versa SD-WAN course comes with some benefits that are listed below;

  • Instructor-led Online training will be provided.
  • Lab workbooks will be provided.
  • A custom course outline will be followed, covering all 4 Versa SD-WAN Certifications.
  • Unlimited Lab Access for each learner and integration on real SD-WAN Labs.
  • Lifetime Access to the class recordings and private telegram channel for the doubt and queries.
  • Build your SD-WAN Lab on our servers from scratch and practice during the class/right after class.
  • PyNet Labs provides a course completion certificate with a unique certificate ID.

PyNet Labs Versa SD-WAN Training batch is going to start from 10th December where Networking professionals can enroll to upgrade their skills with the trending technologies.