What are the various courses offered by PyNet Labs?

PyNet Labs is a Corporate training company that offers training related to Networking industry and Cyber Security according to the industrial standards.
Here are the brief explanation of the PyNet Labs course:
CCNA Training: This is an entry level training in the networking domain. Anyone who wants to start their career in the Networking domain can start with CCNA training.
CCNP Enterprise Training (ENCOR 350-401): The ENCOR 350-401 is the only core exam for the enterprise track for its CCNP certification by Cisco. Which is the next level after taking the CCNA training.
CCNP Enterprise Training (ENARSI 300-410): The ENARSI 300-410 is the only concentration exam for the enterprise track for its CCNP certification by Cisco. Which is the next level after taking the CCNP Encor training.
CCNA DevNet Training: For the DevNet track training it is recommended to have the Python programming knowledge so PyNet labs has customized its course that offers Python and CCNA DevNet training in one course.
CCNP DevNet Training: CCNP DevNet training is taken by the network engineers to advance their Network Automation Skills.
Cisco SD-WAN Training: Cisco SD-WAN training is important because many of the networking companies are shifting toward SD-WAN technology so it's recommended to network engineers to upgrade.
Versa SD-WAN Training: This is also a SD-WAN training from the other vendor “Versa”. This training is also about SD-WAN technology.
Cisco Nexus + DC ACI (300-620): PyNet Labs has designed a combination of two courses i.e. Cisco Nexus and Cisco ACI Training. This training is about deploying, configuring and managing Cisco Nexus Switches using NX-OS and in ACI mode both.
Advanced Cisco SD-WAN: Any network engineer feels that they need to upgrade their SD-WAN concepts so they can take Advanced SD-WAN training.
Cisco Deviot 300-915:The DEVIOT 300-915 Certification is one of Cisco's concentration exams in the DevNet track that verifies the candidate's IoT application development knowledge.
Cyber Security: PyNet Labs has recently launched the course of cybersecurity which is certified by EC council and this certification training is CEHv12 that we are offering.
Moreover, PyNet labs has one more course program i.e, 100% Job Guarantee Program.
PyNet Labs Job guarantee program is designed for both the fresher and experienced Network Engineer. In this program freshers can join to learn a new skill and get placed whereas experienced professionals can join to brush up their skills and get jobs with suitable hikes.

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