C Programming Interview Questions



The first thing you must know is the definition of C programming. This interview Q&A will take you through the basics of C language to make you market-ready with questions that are frequently asked in an interview for C programming.

As mentioned above, C is a high-level programming language that is also called the mother language. It is the base language for many modern languages like C++, C#, Java, etc.

Things to Know While Preparing for C Interview Questions and Answers

Any development job requires coding knowledge of the C language. Most employers start with basic C programming questions in the interview.

Here you will get to know about the best C language interview questions and answers that will help you get a job very easily. You should know how to face technical questions and impress the employer.

In addition, you must stay prepared for the interview by looking at the most asked C interview questions and answers. Keep the demand of the employer in mind to crack the interview.

Get to know what they need from you as a C programmer and prepare with questions according to that.

Basic C Interview Questions and Answers for Freshers

1. Who developed C Programming language?

A computer scientist named Dennis Ritchie from the USA developed the C programming language. He developed this with the help of his colleague Ken Thompson.

2. When was C language invented?

It was invented in 1972.

3. Why is C known as the mother language?

It is the mother of most of the JVMs and compilers. Most of the languages use functions from this language. It has concepts like arrays, functions, file handling, etc.

4. What do you understand by local and global variables in C?

Global variables are declared outside the function, and the scope of a variable is available till the end of the program. Local variables are declared inside the function, and the scope is available in these variables.

The life of the local variable is created when the block is entered and ends on exit, but the life of a global variable exists until the execution of the program.

Local variables are stored in a stack unless specified, and the compiler decides the storage location of a variable in global ones. So, these are the differences between a local and global variable in C.

5. Why are functions used in C?

Functions in C language are used to avoid rewriting the code. They can be called multiple times from a program.

With the help of functions, any program can be tracked easily. It also provides the concept of reusability. Furthermore, a user can also break the big task into smaller tasks with the assistance of C functions.

6. What are arrays in C programming?

It is a group of elements of similar sizes. The size of the array can also be changed after declaration. The array has a contiguous memory location, and it makes code optimized and easier.

Arrays in C are of two types:

  • One-dimensional array
  • Multidimensional array

7. What do you understand by dynamic memory allocation in C?

When memory is allocated at the run time in any program and can be increased at the time of execution, it is called dynamic memory allocation in C programming.

It is used in the linked list. At runtime, malloc() and calloc() are used. It is implemented with the help of data segments, and less memory is required for storage.

8. What is ANSI in C?

ANSI, or American National Standard Institute, is an organization that maintains computer languages, data safety, data encoding, etc.

9. What is token in C?

A token is an identifier that can be a keyword, constant, operator, a string literal, etc. It is also the smallest unit in a program in C.

10. Tell me about some top features of C language.

  • C language follows a structured approach
  • It is fast and extensible
  • Memory management
  • Efficiency

11. What is the role of printf and scanf in C programming?

printf() function in C is used to print the values of character, float, integers, and string values. Some specifiers are %d, %s, %c, %f used for printing the values.

scanf() function in C is used for getting input from the user for a program.

12. What is the use of static variables in C?

When a variable is declared as static, it is known as a static variable. It keeps the value between various function calls. These are used because the static variable in C is available throughout the program.

It initialized to zero and later updated to the needed value. It is used only one time so that the memory space can be utilized.

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