Current Affairs: Tech & Science


Researchers from IIT Mandi developed an algorithm to process 100 years of Indian Summer Monsoon (ISM) Rainfall data.




Elon Musk’s startup SpaceX successfully launched a twice-flown Falcon 9 first stage, carrying its final payload, the AMOS-17 satellite for Israel’s Spacecom.



The global  Big Data market will be worth $31 billion in 2019 says, Forbes.




ISRO shares the first set of images of the Earth captured by Chandrayaan-2 as it successfully entered the fourth of the five planned orbits.



Scientists at Germany’s largest particle accelerator centre DESY have used precisely tuned pulses of laser light to film the ultrafast rotation of a molecule for the first time ever.



A study led by Toronto University researchers found a way to measure blood pressure by taking a video selfie.



Scotland-based scientists have developed an ‘artificial tongue’ device that can identify the authenticity of individual whiskies.