Flower Frogs

Flower Frogs And Yard Sales, Gotta Love em.

No I am not talking about a frog made from flowers.

There are many people that dislike second hand stores and garage or rummage sales. I am not a person that spends much time going to garage sales, however when I do stop at one I usually go through the glassware as well as vases. This is the section in the second hand store that I check out also. There are many times when I find unique glass bowls, glasses and vases that I use when entertaining.

One day I was on my way home from the grocery store when I was forced to take a detour due to road construction. I decided to take a short cut through a residential neighborhood to get back to the street we live on. An older home that I have thought looks quite interesting was having a writemypaper4me coupon. I thought I would stop to see what they had. There was one table with glassware on it that I was looking through. I noticed that there was another table that was full of vases. On the table with the vases were several flower frogs. They were in different sizes and shapes and were all made of glass.

I had two flower frogs that my mother had given to me, but these were beautiful. Flower design frogs are round or oval shaped with holes in them that are put in the bottom of bowls or flat vases to stand flower stems in. With flower frogs you can basically turn any container into a base for a flower arrangement.