Personal VPN for travel in 2020

There is nothing more attractive to criminals than a carefree tourist. This goes for both cybercrime and physical crime, there are even times when the two intersect. To stay protected, you should use the best personal VPN for travel available in 2020.

Many of today's problems are common. This is why you should use a VPN for general travel. But, there are some differences and new risks this year that have not been as prominent in the past. To read more cybersecurity while traveling you should navigate here.

On the one hand, there are many more 'free WiFi' posts, especially in parks and coffee shops; some are simply unsafe, while others are truly criminal. And with more stuff on our phones than ever before, we must keep those devices safe.

Also, there are risks when we pay with NFC systems because pickpockets have found a way to swipe our banking information directly from our phones and cards. This type of digital pickpocketing has become much more prevalent.

Fortunately, with the help of professional cybersecurity apps and a bit of caution, you can be safe wherever you travel. And there is always the benefit of the internet being available, regardless of national ISP restrictions.

What has changed?

Personal VPN to travel in 2020. |  Le VPN

In the same way that defensive technology has advanced over the years, hackers and data thieves have not stood still. There are new ways to attack your privacy and personal information from multiple sides.

Perhaps the most important problem will be the type of data collection issued by various countries and administrations. This shouldn't stop you from traveling, but it could be a good reason for you to keep your general information off the internet.

On the other hand, there are individual threats. With the amount of data that everyone keeps on their phone, you should always keep your device safe. This includes both physically taking care that someone doesn't steal it, and making it impossible to access the data without your face, thumb, and password.

Free Wifi in Abundance

In tourist destinations around the world, now you can access free WiFi from anywhere. Almost all bars and cafes will have some kind of WiFi scheme to add to their service.

But few places have the knowledge and foresight to secure their connections. Without a good Wifi VPN app installed, your device will be open to all kinds of spying. Fortunately, you can quickly and easily install a free VPN on any device.

Greater Geolocation Restrictions

For most of the world, the year 2020 skipped the roaring twenties and went straight into the Great Depression. Unlike the one we had a century ago, this era is marked by people huddled in their homes and watching programming online.

For most companies, this meant new and more stringent licenses, which imposed even more restrictions depending on your location. Now, you can't even reach most of YouTube in many parts of the planet.

Fortunately, this is resolved the same as before. Simply change the server location on your personal VPN to travel to a country like Iceland, and you will have most of the online content available. Your browser will display content in Nordic Icelandic, but consider it a learning opportunity.

New Risks

The the main problem today is not only how much of our essential data is stored on our smartphone, but also how much of our life, in general, is online. Few people have truly embraced cyber hygiene and stopped publishing their lives for the enjoyment of others.

This brings a set of new risks that can arise if someone can steal or infect your phone with malware or spyware. If you look compromised, your phone can tell your attackers more about you than you could in an honest conversation.

There are reasonable solutions, but you have to make sure you use them. Keeping an eye on what you have online and what you carry on your phone is the only way to be sure.

Digital Pickpocketing

Although the technology is still in its infancy, becoming a victim of digital pickpocketing is no laughing matter. Even if none of your money is stolen, but instead locks your account, that can be a serious problem when you are abroad.

It would be useful if you practiced activating your payment option only when you make a purchase and deactivating it immediately afterward.

Finally, some materials prevent this form of theft, and you may want to consider investing in a metal wallet that protects you from digital pickpockets.

Personal VPN Software for Travel - Better Than Ever

Even with all of these issues reaching the cybersecurity stage, VPN protection is now better than ever. As our phones became much faster and stronger, the new VPN apps are virtually unnoticeable and offer seamless VPN services.

The software is made to actively prevent anyone from spying on your connection and device, making it easier than ever.


It seems that 2020 is going to be an adventure for everyone, with or without our consent. So at least you can make it the experience you want.