Science and Technology Current Affairs


Apple appointed Sahib Khan as its Senior Vice President of Operations who has worked with Apple for the last 24 years.



Google patent reveals the design for a foldable phone with multiple screens or pages.




Biggest casinos in China use Artificial Intelligence- enabled hidden cameras, facial recognition technology and digitally- enabled poker chips to identify which customer may lose.



Google announced a new undersea internet cable ‘Equiano’ which will link Africa and Europe. The first two private international cables by Google are ‘Dunant’ and ‘Curie’.


Between 2014- 2017, Antarctica has lost ice 4 times the size of France, according to a study by Claire Parkinson at NASA.


SpaceX, a start-up by Elon Musk announced that it is planning to launch the first commercial flight of ‘Starship’ in 2021.