Science and Technology Related News

The CO2 in the atmosphere over 415 parts per million 1st time in human history. The carbon dioxide in the atmosphere has exceeded 415 parts per million (ppm), reaching 415.26 ppm for the first time in human history, according to sensors at Mauna Loa Observatory in Hawaii. The carbon pollution in the atmosphere soared past 400 ppm in 2016 and 410 ppm in 2017.

Isro is planning Mars, Venus, Sun, Moon missions beyond GaganyaanISRO chairman K Sivan has said that ISRO is planning several missions apart from Chandrayaan-2, Gaganyaan manned mission---”Mars Orbiter Mission 2, Chandrayaan 3, a mission to Venus, EXPOSat, Aditya L1 (to study Sun’s corona).

China’s Chang e-4, the first ever lander on the Moon’s far side, has found materials believed to have been part of its mantle, the layer beneath the surface. It was believed meteorite strike on Moon’s far side likely penetrated to the mantle and brought up the said materials to the surface, researchers said. Now we have proof of the same, they said.