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NASA to Launch New Space Telescope in 2023

The US space agency NASA has announced the launch of a new space telescope that will start a two year mission in 2023. The Spectro-Photometer for the History of the Universe, Epoch of Reionization and Ices Explorer (SPHEREx) mission is a planned two-year mission funded at 242 million USD. Once in orbit, SPHEREx, will give information about the history of the universe and how the universe evolved.


Opportunity Rover of NASA Declared Dead

The Opportunity rover by NASA was the third robotic wanderer to land on Mars. Nicknamed Oppy, the robot roamed on Mars for approximately 5,515 Earth days. NASA lost contact with the rover during a planet-encircling dust storm, on June 10, 2018. After over 15 years, NASA officially declared Opportunity rover dead on February 13, 2019.


India's First Agromet Forecast Centre in Karnataka

India’s first agromet forecast centre is now functional at the University of Agricultural Sciences (UAS) in Dharwad, Karnataka. The North Karnataka AgroMet Forecasting and Research Centre (NKAFC) was inaugurated by the Union Science and Technology Minister Dr Harsh Vardhan at the Farmers’ Knowledge Centre in UAS at 2 pm on February 14, 2019. It has been established by the Indian Meteorological Department and the ministry of earth sciences. The centre will provide accurate reports on weather in order to help farmers protect crops and get a good yield.


Himalayan Cloud Observatory in Uttarakhand

A Himalayan Cloud Observatory was set up in the Tehri district of Uttarakhand on February 15, 2019.  The observatory is to receive forecast and monitor cloudburst incidents in the Himalayan region. This will help minimise the damage in the region. It has been established in the SRT campus Badshahithaul at Chamba in Uttarakhand.