Science, Health and Technology Updates


Nasa Explorer at Asteroid Bennu

The NASA OSIRIS-REx spacecraft arrived at the asteroid named ‘Bennu’ on December 3, 2018. The mission of the spacecraft, ‘Origins, Spectral Interpretation, Resource Identification, Security-Regolith Explorer’ is a close-up survey of the asteroid.


Centre for Technology and Policing Launched in Delhi

The Indraprastha Institute of Information Technology-Delhi (IIIT-D), New Delhi launched the Centre for Technology and Policing on December 5, 2018. It was inaugurated by the Lieutenant-Governor of Delhi Anil Baijal.


100 New Exoplanets Discovered

NASA scientists have discovered a cache over 100 new exoplanets using data from the Kepler Space Telescope. Exoplanets revolve around stars other than the sun and have been actively researched recently.


Global Hackathon by NITI Aayog

NITI Aayog has partnered with a Singapore-based AI start up, Perlin and launched ‘AI 4 All Global Hackathon’. The hackathon invites developers, students, start-ups and companies to develop AI applications which will have a significant positive social and economic impact for India. It will be run in two stages with Stage One ending 15 January 2019 and Stage Two concluding on 15 March 2019.


GSAT-11 Launched Successfully

GSAT-11, also called the 'Big Bird', was successfully launched into space on December 5, 2018. Developed by the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO), it is India’s heaviest and most-advanced communication satellite. It was launched on the Ariane 5 VA-246 rocket from Kourou Launch Base, French Guiana in South America.