Cricket World Cup || Winners and Runners-up

As the cricket world cup is on the roll, fans all over the world are following every single game with enthusiasm and hope that their nation gets a chance to taste victory. Witnessing a world cup victory by any nation is indeed a historical moment. As India has won 2 world cups so far, do you know which countries have won the world cup?

Also, which were the countries who made it to the finals but couldn't lift the world cup?


This can be a question in your upcoming examination, so let's take a look.


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West Indies- 1975



In the first world cup hosted by England, West Indies won against Australia by 17 runs.


West Indies- 1979



West Indies again won the second world cup again England. West Indies scored 286/9 in 51 overs and defeated England who scored 194.


India- 1983



In the 1983 Prudential World Cup, India won their first World Cup under the leadership of Kapil Dev by scoring 183 against West Indies in England. West Indies scored 140 runs in 52 overs.


Australia- 1987



Australia defeated England in 1987 World Cup by 7 runs. England scored 248/8 whereas Australia managed to score 253/5 and banged their first title as world champions.


Pakistan- 1992



In the Melbourne cricket ground, Pakistan won their first World Cup against England by scoring 249/6. Pakistan defeated England by 22 runs.


Sri Lanka- 1996



Sri Lanka won their first world cup in 1996 against Australia. Sri Lanka scored 245/3 whereas Australia scored 241/7. This world cup was hosted by Pakistan & India.


Australia- 1999



Australia vs Pakistan in the 1999 world cup finals was an easy one for Australia. Pakistan team was summed up at 132 and Australia managed to win easily in 20.1 overs in England.


Australia- 2003



In the 2003 world cup final held in Johannesburg, India lost their chance of winning the world cup against Australia. The Indian team could not meet the target of 360 set by the Aussies.


Australia- 2007



For  2007 World Cup hosted by West Indies, Australia won the world cup consequently at a hattrick this time by defeating Sri Lanka. Australia won by 53 runs with the Duckworth Lewis method.


India- 2011



In the 2011 world cup, India again became the world champions by defeating Sri Lanka. India won the match by 6 wickets at the Wankhede stadium in Mumbai.


Australia- 2015



Australia once again won the world cup by defeating New Zealand who entered the world cup finals for the first time. 2015 world cup was hosted by Australia and New Zealand. Australia scored 186/3 to defeat New Zealand who scored 183 at Melbourne.


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