6 Strategies for creating new ideas

This list of tips created by educators from https://writemypaper4me.co/do-my-homework-cheap/ is focused on developing creativity and generating new ideas.

Write freely
Take a blank sheet of paper, the utensil with which you feel most comfortable writing (pencil, pen, pen ...) and set the timer, for example, with 15 minutes of time.
At the top of the page, title the problem to be solved, for example, "How to make a dress"
Say those words out loud and slowly, gesticulating. Start the timer and start writing everything that comes to your mind, forget about writing well, if the words are wrong or if you lack accents, focus on the idea and write freely.

When time stops, stop writing and read everything you have written, the idea is hidden in your individual words.

Word association
Associating words can bring great ideas to mind. Start by writing 3 or 4 words relevant to your problem to solve. For example, from "how to make a dress" write "pattern" "fabric" "measurements".
Start the stopwatch again and write whatever comes to mind under each word. When the time is up, reread your ideas and think about them.
Surely there is a treasure in each one of them.

Say it loud
If you are more about speaking than writing, we are going to do the same but saying your ideas out loud.
So instead of using paper and pencil, we are going to use a tape recorder and the same stopwatch as before.
Start talking. It doesn't matter if your sentences are disjointed or nonsensical, just say whatever comes to mind.
At 15 minutes to time and listen to yourself.

Help yourself from a friend
If you can not find any answer to your problems, join a friend and tell you his problem and try to solve it from your point of view, and vice versa, that he tells you, in your situation what he would do. Sometimes, faced with our problems, we do not see any way out, but we always have a solution for others.
Perhaps the solution he gives you is not the most optimal, but it can make you think about it.

Make a mind map
Take a piece of paper, the largest you can, but as long as you can handle it yourself. And keep magazines, drawings, pictures, scissors, and glue handy.
Paste in the center of the paper the image or words of the problem you want to solve, and then complete the paper with all the cutouts, images, symbols ... that identify the problem, and help you solve it.

If you can't find the problem, sleep
Sometimes the best thing you can do to solve a problem is sleep.
By sleeping, you allow the subconscious to work on the problem that worries you in the "conscious self" and that you cannot solve. To do this job well, you should have a small notebook and pen right under the bed.
As soon as you go to sleep, start to ask yourself the problem (the waking moment is the one when the greatest number of ideas come to mind) and propose to solve the problem you have in mind just as you leave. to wake up.
The moment you wake up and before moving a single muscle to get up, take the notebook and write down everything you remember. It is important to do it just before starting the muscles, since when our body is activated, the memories we have had while we were sleeping are erased.

Most of the time, we do not find solutions to our problems, because we do not ask ourselves the answer to them.
So question the problem and think about the solutions, surely you will end up finding them.


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