Follow the study schedule

Read an advice from writers from on how to follow the study schedule.

Make the most of your scheduled free time. One of the main challenges in sticking to the study schedule is that you will be tempted not to, and instead do something relaxing, fun, or entertaining. However, you have to resist the temptation, instead make the most of your scheduled entertainment time.

  • Long for free time as a reward for studying.
  • Use your free time as a way to recharge. Taking a nap may help you. Going for a walk or doing some yoga can help you relax and focus when you need to go back to school.
  • Make sure you get out of the house. Use your free time to get away from your study place

Take small breaks and stick with them. Make sure to take a break during each study block. However, this could present problems. One of the most important elements of sticking to your study schedule is making sure you stick to the schedule and only take your allotted break time. Taking extra breaks or extending breaks can and will undermine your schedule, while sabotaging your plans for success in school.

  • Take a long 5-10 minute break during study blocks. Do not exceed that time.
  • At the beginning of the break, set an alarm to sound when it's over.
  • Use rest wisely. Make sure to use the break to revive yourself. Stretch, take a short walk, eat a small snack, or cheer up listening to music.
  • Avoid distractions that could prolong your break


Follow the schedule. The only definitive rule of thumb about making sure your schedule works is that you stick to it. There is no point in making a study schedule if you don't follow it.
  • Try to get used to seeing the calendar or planner on a regular basis; preferably daily. This will help keep you out of the "eyes that don't see, heart that don't feel" trap.
  • Once you establish a routine, you can begin to mentally associate certain acts, such as opening a textbook or sitting at a desk, in study mode.
  • Use an alarm or timer on your phone to know when the study blocks start and end. This will help you stick to your schedule.

Talk about the schedule with other people. Sometimes our schedules are difficult to follow because important people in our lives distract us from our goals. They do not do that maliciously, but rather, those people who care about you want to spend time with you. To avoid this, discuss the schedule with the people in your life. This way, if they want to do something, they can plan it according to the schedule.

  • Post a copy of your study guide on your home refrigerator for your family to see.
  • Email a copy to your friends so they know when you're free.
  • If someone plans something during study time, kindly ask if they can reschedule it for another time.


  • Be honest with yourself, schedule what you can do and not what you don't want to do.
  • Always do your best and stay focused on each of the issues you deal with.
  • Avoid procrastination. Try to use your free time to read books. It is entertaining and improves your vocabulary a lot.