API Game Integration for Online Casinos in India

NuxGame offers an unparalleled one-stop solution for the integration of casino products in India, which can significantly increase the popularity of any platform among players.

What is an API?

API is a common name for the implementation of communication between different independent systems. Each system has a set of interfaces through which other systems can interact with it.

How the unified API for online casinos works

In general, all APIs for online casinos are quite similar, they implement commands to manage the player's balance - write off the bet, credit the win, get the current balance, and have their own interfaces, for example, for accruing free rounds.

About how the integration of online casino api takes place

Integration occurs by implementing all the necessary interfaces described in the documentation of a particular provider. Then the testing stage and going live. Next, you need to monitor the performance of the integration - the availability of servers, the absence of errors, the introduction of changes and additions that come out with updates from the provider or due to regulatory requirements. You need to be able to quickly respond to failures, which can occur both due to hardware problems and due to errors on the provider's side. Not responding quickly enough increases potential losses.

Why is it convenient to get all the APIs in one place via NuxGame

Because despite the fact that the general mechanics of the gameplay is approximately the same, the specific protocols for all providers are different, for each integration you need to separately deal with the documentation, agree on the available functions and solve technical issues. Based on this, it is much easier to connect and maintain only one integration - with us. No need to monitor and support the integration of each individual provider. Despite the fact that there are quite a lot of changes in existing integrations due to the development of the games themselves, the introduction of new game mechanics and the constantly updated requirements of various regulators.

Games and providers

Finding the right combination of products for a particular market is the key to success in a highly competitive industry like online gambling. Fortunately, NuxGame can help you with this.

In our arsenal you can find casino games for every taste, from slots, RNG games and live casinos to scratch cards, video poker, bingo, keno and virtual sports.

Using our unified API integration, you will have at your disposal cutting-edge gambling products that will work 24/7 in the shortest possible time.

Our providers

The NuxGame affiliate network includes over 200 leading gambling providers. The developers we work with are renowned professionals who are licensed and certified in many jurisdictions. Use the table below to get to know each of these providers and the games and services they offer.

Interested in learning more about how NuxGame can improve your gaming experience? If you want to add quality games to your site and increase customer loyalty - and with it your profit - contact us and request a demo version and cost. NuxGame will always help you stay on top of the online gambling market.

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