Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide reaches 415 parts per million


The planet is getting affected by the increasing population and global warming. We are not in a very good state altogether due to global warming. Recently scientists announced that atmospheric carbon dioxide levels hit 415 parts per million for the first time ever. This rise in the atmospheric CO2 is a new record and something to worry about. 

The atmospheric CO2 is currently rising at close to 3 ppm each year, and getting faster. It was close to 3 million years ago that such a number was recorded. 

The rise in Atmospheric CO2 results in the rising global temperature and warming. All the nations participating in the Paris climate agreement has decided to set their goals with regards to global temperatures. This would be done aiming to keep the climate from warming more than 2 degrees Celsius, or 1.5 C if possible, above its preindustrial condition.