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US President Donald Trump issued an executive order imposing a freeze on Venezuelan government assets in the US reportedly aimed at forcing Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro out of the office over human rights abuses.

Voice of Karachi (VoK), a Pakistan’s Mohajir community group based in the US has called for the creation of an autonomous ‘Greater Karachi’ within Pakistan.



The UAE has spoken in favour of India’s decision to revoke Article 370 in J&K. The UAE Ambassador said, “The reorganisation of states is not a unique incident in the history of Independent India and that it was mainly aimed at reducing regional disparity and improving efficiency. It is an internal matter as stipulated by the Indian Constitution.”



Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte had said that he will never allow the US to deploy nuclear missiles in his country.




After hearing Pakistan’s decision to downgrade diplomatic relations with India after the revocation of Article 370, US Senator Bob Menendez and Congressman Eliot Engel released a joint statement on the issue saying Pakistan must refrain from any retaliatory aggression.