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Polar Bear Might Soon Become Extinct

The experts of the Committee on the Status of Endangered Wildlife in Canada (COSEWIC) have warned that the polar bear is at the risk of disappearing from its vast Arctic landscape. The polar bear is Canada’s largest land predator and the melting Arctic sea ice is posing a challenge for hunting prey.


US and China to Resolve Trade Spat

China has said that it will immediately implement measures agreed under a trade truce with the US. China’s Commerce Ministry spokesman Gao Feng announced this on December 6, 2018. This was after US President Donald Trump and Chinese leader Xi Jinping agreed to give negotiators 90 days to resolve their trade spat.

Indian Diplomat Preeti Saran Elected to UN CESCR

Former senior Indian diplomat Preeti Saran has been elected to the Asia Pacific seat on the Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights (CESCR) of the UN for 4 years. The appointment will be effective from January 1, 2019. She replaces 3 time elected former Indian diplomat, Chandrashekhar Dasgupta.


Pakistan to Declare Gilgit-Baltistan as Fifth Province

India voiced strong opposition to Pakistan's reported move to declare Gilgit (Pakistan) as that country's fifth province on December 6, 2018. Gilgit-Baltistan is a part of Jammu and Kashmir, but Pakistan illegally occupied it after partition in 1947. India has called upon Pakistan to vacate all occupied territory.


Public Transport in Luxembourg to be Free

Luxembourg will soon become the first country in the world to make all public transport free. The move, aimed at addressing environmental issues and the problem of traffic congestion, will be implemented in 2020.


Infosys Opens Information and Technology Hub in Hartford, Connecticut

The company announced the opening of its new hub on December 6, 2018. The Hartford hub will help Infosys work more closely with its clients in the region and serve as the global hub for Infosys’ InsurTech and HealthTech efforts.


US-Russia Cold War Treaty in Trouble


Russia has been given 60 days by the US, to dismantle missiles that breach the Cold War Pact between the two countries. US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said Washington would no longer be bound by the 1987 Intermediate Range Nuclear Forces (INF) treaty unless Moscow withdraws the new system. Pompeo made the announcement on December 4, 2018.


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