Work in Saudi Arabia

Most in-demand professions in 2021

The country is in demand for qualified doctors, nurses, nannies, nurses, maids. Construction professions, engineering professions, IT-administrators, programmers, financial analysts, oilmen are in demand.

The level of wages per month by profession

Among doctors, the salaries of employees of private clinics are the highest: surgeons, ophthalmologists, gynecologists, dentists, resuscitators. Specialists in this area are provided with jobs, salaries range from $ 3000 per month to $ 9000. A welder, bricklayer, foreman can expect to earn $ 2,000 or more. The service sector is not highly rated.

For a nanny, the income will be $ 1,500, for a nurse a little higher - $ 1,700. The maid at home will earn $ 1000, including free room and board. Students, more often than not, take care of the sick and the elderly, work as sellers in supermarkets.

At the refinery, working conditions are observed in accordance with the highest safety requirements. Many functions are automated. Employees receive an average of $ 100 per shift.

Most of the residents from the CIS countries work at the livestock and meat and dairy farms of Saudi Arabia. In a similar place, you can get a salary of $ 800 per shift.

How to find a job without intermediaries

To go to a company or a private employer from the countries of the Arabian Peninsula, you need to send your resumes to international job search portals, attach a short biography and data on professional experience and skills.


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