Important topics to cover for AFCAT exams

Air Force Common Admission Test (AFCAT) is conducted by Indian Air Force (IAF) twice a year for Flying, Ground, and Technical Branches. Both male and female candidates can apply for the exam. The exam is known for its difficulty level and highly competitive pattern. Candidates applying for the exam don’t just need to cram to syllabus. Moreover, they also need to have very strategic and goal-oriented plan to qualify it. AFCAT 2018 is scheduled to be conducted on August 18-19, 2018.

Generally, cut-off marks in this exam range between 125-130 (excluding EKT), making it important for the candidates to focus on important topics in different sections. Candidates preparing for the exam need to ensure that they cover all the important topics during their preparation. If you are still wondering about the important topics to cover for the common admission test for Air Force, check this article.

AFCAT Exam Pattern

AFCAT is a pen-and-paper based exam of 300 marks. Every question carries 3 marks and for every wrong answer, 1 mark is deducted. The exam has a total of 100 marks, which candidates need to solve in 2 hours. Students meeting the minimum cut-off criteria qualify for the next rounds that are personal interview and screening.

Exam Subject Duration No.
of Questions
AFCAT General Awareness
Verbal Ability
in English,
Numerical Ability,
Military Reasoning
and Aptitude Test
2 Hours 100 300
EKT (Ground
Duty Technical
Branch only)
Science and
Electrical and
45 Mins 50 150


AFCAT Syllabus

First of all, checking the syllabus is one of the easiest ways to get a thorough understanding of the subjects and topics covered in any exam. This paper includes questions from Verbal Ability in English, General Awareness, Numerical Aptitude, Military Reasoning, and Reasoning.

AFCAT – Important Topics to Cover

Now, you are aware of the syllabus and exam pattern, it is the time to check important topics in each section. It will help you prepare well for AFCAT and score high marks.

Verbal Ability in AFCAT

There is a certain pattern followed in this section and some specific topics always make a part of the question paper. Certainly, having knowledge of this will help you score high marks in this section. Important topics in Verbal Ability in English include:

  • Spotting the errors: In this section, you need to work on your grammar and clear the basics like noun, pronoun, tense, phrases, adjectives etc.
  • Synonyms and Antonyms: As it is not possible to learn each and every word in English, to prepare this topic, you can check previous year’s papers or can solve AFCAT online tests.
  • Jumbled Sentences: This is a tricky part of the English section as in this, you need to make a sequence from the options. Therefore, to solve this, you should apply the options and try to find the right answer.
  • Ordering of Sentences: To prepare for this section, you should take the question as a narration of the story and apply the options to get the right answer.

Spelling test, Cloze test, one-word substitute, common errors, and idioms are some other topics covered in verbal ability.

General Awareness in AFCAT

General awareness is a section in AFCAT with unpredictable questions. Important topics in this section include:

  • Current Affairs, which you can prepare by reading newspapers, magazines like Competitive Success Review, subscribing to some online websites providing daily news updates and downloading mobile apps related the same.
  • History, for which you need to use a food reference book like Lucent, Pathfinder etc.
  • Geography, in which you need to focus on physical features of India, rivers, mountains, deltas, estuaries etc.
  • Indian Polity, which is one of toughest sections. You need to make regular notes to remember facts and figures about different parts of the Indian constitution.
  • Economics, which you can prepare well by going through 5-year plans, economic terms, census etc.
  • Science that covers basic concepts, for which you can refer previous books

Sports, Satellite, Defence, National Parks, Missiles, and Aircraft are some other topics covered in GK section.

Reasoning in AFCAT

Around 35% question paper in AFCAT is set from Reasoning Ability. To prepare for this section, you need to practice as much as you can. Major topics in reasoning include figure series, figure analogy, odd one out and Venn diagram.

Numerical Aptitude in AFCAT

In numerical aptitude test, around 97% of the questions come from Ratio, Profit & Loss, Involution, Simple/Compound Interest and Work/Energy. By preparing for these important topics, you can easily score well in the exam.

  • Ratio: Remember the important derivatives like a:b, b:c give the value of a:b:c.
  • Profit & Loss: To prepare this topic, check and understand the formulas for selling price, cost price, market price, error percentage and successive discount.
  • Simple and Compound Interest: For this, you need to use general formulas.

Above all, make sure you practice well for questions on canisters, buckets and pipes.

Helpful tips to boost your AFCAT preparation:
  1. First of all boost the calculating speed to perform well in mathematics
  2. Stay updated with the current affairs by following the latest news
  3. As logical reasoning is the basis of this test, students should be psychologically well equipped to solve different types of reasoning questions
  4. Read English newspaper to obtain knowledge of current affairs and to improve your vocabulary
  5. Finally solve AFCAT previous year papers to get an understanding of the type of questions asked in the exam

Once you are sure that you have covered all the important topics, check your progress by solving AFCAT sample papers and online tests at the most noteworthy paltform Eduwhere. This online platform for mock tests not only gives you access to the online tests but also provides detailed analysis reports. You can solve subject wise or complete tests to check your preparation level. As a result of all these efforts, the chances of clearing the exam will be high.