One-Month Revision Plan for the AFCAT candidates


Air Force Common Admission Test enables candidates to pursue a career in various bifurcations of the Indian Air force, namely, Flying Branch, Technical Branch, etc. With a considerably easy syllabus, students have begun to show more interest with each passing year for this exam. The same ratio of students is expected for AFCAT 2019 as well.  


Since the date of the exam is approaching soon, it’s essential to devise a certain plan which facilitates proper revision in one month. The key is to have the right guidance, alongside the right AFCAT study material, which can be easily accessed through sites like The site offers material, mock test papers and numerous provisions to assist your preparation.


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Let’s know the strategy that must be incorporated in the process to revise within a month. 


Solve the Previous Years’ Papers-

If you’re appearing for the AFCAT 2019 exam, then now is the right time to take up at least one paper each day until the day of the exam. This will not only condition you to the setting and pressure of the examination but also help you solve the test within a given time frame. Taking one test a day should be a religious practice. 


Prepare as per the weightage-

With only a month left for the exam to commence, it’s high time to pay heed to the weightage scheme of the examination. The idea is to take up the sections that have more weightage first during the AFCAT revision process. This will improve your performance in those sections. For example, if you’re good at English, you can work harder for getting a perfect score by marking the 30 Verbal Ability questions right, thereby helping you clear the cut-off. 


Prepare sticky notes-

When you’re just a month away from taking the exam, studying from exhaustive and elaborative AFCAT study material isn’t the wisest thought. The motive with subjects like GK that needs retention of the facts and math, which requires retention of formula, is to feed your brain the information.  Adopting tricks for memory retention is the key goal. So, you can paste colourful sticky notes, which will act as a catalyst in recalling what you have learned. 


Follow a timetable- 

The only way to give a decent amount of time to every subject is by formulating a timetable that you follow without fail. This will ensure that no section is left unattended and that you don’t stick only to your favourite topics while doing the AFCAT revision. As the studies suggest, the human brain can only concentrate continuously for 45 minutes. This implies that breaks must be taken in between to have better retention of what you study. The breaks should be of maximum 5-10 minutes as a long break period will detach you from studying. 


Keep up the motivation-

It’s of paramount importance to monitor one’s anxiety while preparing for such competitive exams. Demotivation does creep in during the last few days and this will disable your concentration level. To aid this, you can either talk to a guardian figure who can serve as a motivator or watch videos of various motivational speakers. If you’re appreciative of ostentatious wordplay, then fancy quotes that keep the fire within you burning may help. Whenever you sit to study, sit with a proper frame of mind and only then can your efforts prove fruitful in the AFCAT examination. 


There is no substitution to practice when you’re heading towards the date of your examination. Knowing the AFCAT 2019 is round the corner, devote everything that you potentially can for getting the desired results. On, you can practice papers and find useful information related to the exam that will surely benefit you.