Preparation Strategy for Verbal Ability in AFCAT


The Air Force Common Admission Test is scheduled on the 25th August 2019 and is just a few days away. This calls for untiring efforts to get through the test in the coming attempt itself. One section that might need your undivided attention in the exam is that which checks the Verbal Ability of an aspirant. This is one part which doesn’t solely depend on the efforts that have been put in the preparatory period, but also the approach with which English has been a part of your curriculum throughout.

One can learn the language in the period of studying for the test, but those who have proficiency from before do get an upper hand. So if you wish to stand at the same level as your competitors in this particular section, these tips might come in handy.


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Enrich your vocabulary-

This section tends to test your treasure of vocabulary. And thus adding words to your existing pool of glossary should be of prime importance during the AFCAT Preparation. One way to upgrade your knowledge of this section is to study from “Word Power Made Easy” by Norman Lewis. This is one book that’s suggested for every other competitive exam due to its unparalleled and singular approach to teaching words. The book features a concept termed as etymology, which stands for making a student grasp words by first understanding its roots first and then what they mean. This, in turn, would imply that even if another word from the same root features in the exam, you won’t have much trouble guessing the meaning as you have mastered the root.

Furthermore, the book also has quick tests at the end of every chapter to keep an eye on the progress that you’re constantly making for your AFCAT exam.


The Correct Approach to Synonyms and Antonyms-

In such exams, knowing the meanings of words isn’t enough. The need for knowing the synonyms as well as antonyms is unarguable for the verbal ability section. The right way to go about this can be to take note of the opposites and the similar meaning words as and when you encounter a new word.

This can be done by typing a word on the “Merriam-Webster Dictionary”, which features the synonyms and antonyms of each word at the bottom of every page. So, the easiest methodology is to find the meaning of a word in this mobile dictionary and take note of the synonyms and antonyms of the same word alongside. This will single-handedly contribute to your AFCAT Preparation of vocabulary as well as synonyms/antonyms.

Moreover, keep taking a test of your readiness for this section on, wherein you’ll find multiple tests designed for testing the aforementioned topics.


Practice to Read Faster-

Competitive exams are all about acing the game within the given time frame. This means that one must also work on doing the questions right as well as fast. For the AFCAT Comprehension Passages, the only thing to do is to practice reading faster, that too with precision. The aim is not only to finish the passage reading fast, but also to read between the lines and comprehend the lines so that you don’t have to read it again. Understanding, alongside fast reading, is the goal.


Know Basic Grammar-

The prerequisite of solving the verbal ability questions of error detection is to have the basic idea of grammar. If you don’t want to get deep into the grammar books, look for an app that serves your purpose and you’ll be good to go. Apps like Utter, Basic English Grammar, etc. can very well do the job when accompanied by practice.

The AFCAT preparation for this section is pretty easy if undertaken at the right time. The only thing that should occupy the mind is to feed the information to the mind and then put that piece of information to practice by taking tests.