Reasoning and Military aptitude pattern and tips for AFCAT



Indian Air Force conducts AFCAT exam twice a year to find suitable candidates for different branches. Through the exam, the Indian Air Force checks candidates' knowledge on various topics including General Awareness, Verbal Ability in English, Numerical Ability and Reasoning & Military Aptitude. Reasoning and Military Aptitude Test forms an integral part of the overall exam to clear which candidates need to have a strategic plan. The major objective of this section is to check Spatial Ability of a candidate who wants to be a part of the Indian Air Force. To help you with your AFCAT 2019 preparations, here we provide you with the details of exam pattern and tips.


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Reasoning and Military Aptitude Exam Pattern


Analysis of last four exams shows that Reasoning and Military Aptitude section alone carriers 32-35 questions out of total 100 questions asked in AFCAT. It clearly depicts the importance of this section.


This section basically covers questions on:

  • Sequencing
  • Classification
  • Venn Diagram
  • Embedded figures
  • Word Analogy
  • Blood relation
  • Missing figures
  • Coding-decoding 


Types of questions asked in the exam:


Rotated blocks


The objective of these questions is to check your ability to visualize and manipulate objects.


Dot situation


To solve these questions, candidates need to choose the figure that meets the same conditions of placement of dots given in the question figure.


Hidden figures


As the name suggests, in this type of questions, candidates need to find the figures in the complex drawings.


Completion of figure matrix


Usually, the questions have figures with one or more missing blocks. Candidates need to find the right option the complete the matrix from the choices given in the answer.


Tips for Reasoning and Military Aptitude Test Preparation for AFCAT


Once you are aware of the exam pattern, the next step is to make an effective preparation plan and follow it strictly. Here are some tips to help you with your preparation to score well in each section including Reasoning & Military Aptitude.


Choose the right books


Selection of the best books is one of the most important deciding factors in your success in AFCAT. You should choose only the best AFCAT books for reasoning and military aptitude preparation. You can also buy the books that in addition to the syllabus also provide practice papers.


Solve mock tests


In addition to the full-length AFCAT mock tests, you should also focus on sectional tests. There are only a few platforms like Eduwhere that provide AFCAT practice papers and mock tests on different sections. It helps you understand how prepared you are for a certain section and what improvements you need to make to perform well in the final exam.


Check previous year papers


Solving previous year papers will give you a better understanding of the type of questions asked in this section. Based on this, you can make your strategies to attempt different types of questions asked in the exam.


Focus on time-management


Since the reasoning section eats away a lot of time, you need to practice as much as you can to effectively manage your time while answering the answers with the maximum accuracy. Regular practice is the only way to improve your speed along with accuracy.


Use the elimination method


If you are not able to find the right answer after a lot of efforts, take another approach and go for the elimination method.


Wish you all the best for your preparation and success in AFCAT 2019!

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