Tips to Clear AFCAT in the First Attempt



AFCAT or the Air Force Common Admission Test is approaching within a few days. It has become mandatory to channelize one’s preparation in a progressive direction to get through the exam in the first attempt. With time limitation now, certain quick tips as to what must be under focus and what needs only superficial attention are vital. This will not only facilitate the overall performance but also make sure that you reach the desired cut off with utmost ease.


So, let’s know what measures can be undertaken in the last few days to clear AFCAT exam in the first attempt.


Take the Mock Tests- 


Now that your preparation needs to be practically utilized, make sure you first take a mock test to evaluate how far have you come and what more you need to do. provides numerous mock tests which will help you get a clear self-analysis. 

Scoring of the mock test will help you know where you lack, thereby assisting you to shift your attention to the right areas. 


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Speed Maths and Formula Knowledge- 


The maths section of the AFCAT exam is moderate in its difficulty level. The candidates only need to put in basic efforts to learn the formulas and their proper use. The greatest asset is the tool of speed maths. 

Since the pressure builds up due to a shortage of time, one must work hard on calculating pretty swiftly. The maths section can be scoring as complex, high order mathematical problems do not feature in the test. Just list down the important formulas on sticky notes and paste it across your room and keep revising as well as practising. 


Brush your observational skills-


The reasoning section of AFCAT essentially requires the presence of mind equipped with remarkable observational skills. The problem is easy to crack, but to get the right approach and mark the correct pattern within the given time is a hard nut to crack.  

One’s reasoning skills upgrade with the amount of practice that is put in. Various online portals such as serve as a great practising platform. Take the test of all the sections or any specified section that you lack in via the aforementioned portal. 


A glance at the events of the preceding 4-5 months-


General Awareness forms a core of almost every competitive exam, including AFCAT. As far as the study of previous years’ papers suggests, the predominant part of this section is formed by the events of the past 4-5 months. 

Preparing chronological notes of these events, section-wise namely, sports, international news, state news, etc. helps in quick revision during the end. 


Be cautious of the negative marking-


While attempting mock tests or the actual paper, it’s extremely vital to be conscious of the negative marking. Marking vague answers can only get you in trouble and decrease your chances of cracking the AFCAT exam

Be very sure of the choices you mark and take up the process of checking and rechecking while practising. 


Time management- 


Most of the students fail to acknowledge this last point which is equally vital as the aforementioned five. Division of time as per different sections must be the first step while beginning to practice for the AFCAT exam. As you get a clear picture of how much time you need and for what section, be very particular about not devoting a single minute extra to any question beyond the set time limit. 


It stands true for every exam, including AFCAT that a strategic and persistent method be followed during the entire preparation time. Mark your progress with every passing week and work a little extra on those sections that seem like a nightmare for you. Pertaining to the moderate level of difficulty of the exam, one only needs to be devoted to crack it in the first attempt.