Challenges and Perks of Reappearing in any Bank PO Exam

IBPS PO Exam season is here. All of you must be preparing hard for this much-awaited exam to secure a bank PO job. There are many in this crowd for whom this is not the first time in the exam. People try for years together to crack the exam if they fail once. Reappearing in any bank PO examination has its own pros and cons. You are experienced but experience is not helpful also in some cases. We are going to discuss here in detail the challenges and perks of reappearing in any bank PO Examination.


What are the challenges you face if you are appearing for the 2nd or 3rd time?

It may be a common notion that experienced candidates score better than the freshers. However, the picture is not as rosy as it seems for these repeaters. They have their own set of issues to face while preparing for the examination.


Repeaters have seen the failure: It is always at the back of their mind that they have failed once or twice. This will prevent them from staying in the best shape of mind during the exam.

The pattern of Bank PO exam is ever changing: IBPS has become so smart these days that they keep on changing the pattern every single time. Repeaters are also freshers in such pattern. Therefore, no extra benefit of appearing for the second time.

There is always the pressure of it being the last attempt: Just imagine that you have to either get it this time or forget it. This creates a lot of stress in the minds of the candidates.

There is a sense of frustration: If an aspirant is appearing year after year in the exam, it is common that he will be a bit frustrated. On top of that, the failure to get a job also adds to it.

It is difficult to unlearn things from the past: The pattern of the bank exam changes a lot. Sometimes there is sectional timing and sometimes not. It is confusing also at times. Repeaters need to adapt to these changes by unlearning everything from the past.

Adapting to a new strategy is difficult: Just imagine that you have been preparing in a particular way and suddenly you have to change it. This happens a lot with the repeaters as they have to adjust to the new strategy somehow.

Analyzing the failure correctly: It often happens that repeaters think that all they did were wrong. But it is not the case. May be their strategy to attempt sections was wrong. May be their style of approaching a question was wrong. However, repeaters just discard everything from the past and start afresh. It is important to analyze properly what went wrong and correct it. Changing everything is not the ideal solution.

Staying motivated is difficult: You have been facing the failure in an exam and you are still appearing. It is really difficult to stay motivated during this phase. Many go into depression thinking nothing will be alright ever again.

Now that we have seen the challenges, let’s get into the perks of appearing in a bank PO examination. Obviously, a repeater can use his/her experience in a better manner to make it count the next time. But how can it be useful? What are the perks of being a repeater?


You have been here, appeared in that: As a repeater, you have experienced the exam hall situation first handed. You know how it is different from taking mocks at home. You may use it to your advantage. Don’t repeat the mistakes you may have committed the last time while taking the examination. Suppose you lost your cool in the last 10 minutes while attempting Quant Section, don’t let it happen again.

Analyzing and correcting yourself: Your preparation defines you. You must have done something wrong and that is why you have to take the examination again. Analyze those things correctly and correct them.

You can work on improving your scores in your strong areas: This will help you improve your score in the next attempt. Strong sections should be strengthened in order to get those extra marks that will decide your final result. So, if you referred to one capsule of current affairs the last time, you can consult two this time so that you don’t leave anything out.

You can prepare better for your weaker sections: Many freshers leave out difficult chapters and think that they will manage with the other chapters. That does not happen in the exam. As a repeater, you know it and will not let it come in the way of your success.

You know the exam temperament: Exam hall is a completely different atmosphere. Repeaters know this very well. Even the strongest minds panic in an examination. But you know yourself and you have seen yourself the last time in the exam hall. You know that you have to learn to calm your nerves during the examination.

You know what approach went wrong the last time: It might be that you got stuck with one seating arrangement or puzzle or data interpretation question last time. This cost you your selection. This time you get the chance to work on such things so that you don’t lose your marks like the last time.

You know the exam better now as a repeater: This is a blessing in disguise for you since you are now well acquainted with the exam pattern. For example, English section troubles a lot of candidates with new pattern questions. However, the basic remains the same i.e. it is all about knowing grammar and vocabulary. As a repeater, you can understand such things better.

You can use those bank PO mock tests better: As a repeater, you are wiser now. You know the significance of mock tests. You can utilize these mocks better this time. SBI PO 2016 created the perception that mocks may not come in as useful as they used to be from now onwards. But, as a repeater, you know better: Bank PO Mock tests are useful and they will always be. You just need to know to use them effectively.

Being a repeater has its pros and cons. From SBI PO 2016 onwards, being a repeater is not as beneficial as used to be because of frequent changes in the pattern. However, if you think a bit, you will understand that the basics have never changed. The questions only change and the answer will be based on the old basics only. Grammar rules won’t change, BODMAS rule will not change, the puzzle-solving technique won’t change. As a repeater, you know these things better. Utilize your experience in a way that helps you to crack it this time for sure.


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