Daily Routine Study Plan for SBI Clerk exam preparation


SBI clerk notification is out. This year there over 8000 vacancies to be filled-in the largest public sector bank of India, i.e., the State Bank of India. 


The prelims will be on 22nd and 29th  February and 1st and 8th March 2020. The SBI Clerk Mains Exam is to be conducted on 19th  April 2020. Meaning that there is not much time left.


However, if you follow the tips and tricks given in this article, you stand a good chance to pass the prelims stage and get called for the mains. About 80,000 candidates will be selected for the SBI Clerk Mains 2020. Follow this daily study plan to be one of them.


Passing competitive examinations such as the SBI Clerk will require not just hard work but also smart work. Since there are not many months left, you need a proper study plan to ensure that you complete the whole syllabus and get enough time to practice questions and the mock tests. If you are excited about that SBI Clerk Salary and want to get into the banking sector, you should take this time seriously. Read the full article and follow the steps.


As we were saying, if you are serious about the SBI clerk job, you need a fool-proof plan. You cannot leave any stone unturned. Read these tips carefully and follow them with commitment.


Cover all important topics: -  It is vital that you understand which topics are covered in the SBI Clerk syllabus. Once you have knowledge about the topics in the syllabus, you can effectively plan your preparation properly. You should also know that some topics carry more weightage in the exam than others. You can easily find these topics by careful analysis of last years’ SBI prelims papers. 


Refer Complete Guide to crack SBI Clerk Prelims exam to know more about the important topics and tips.


Day English RA and Computer Aptitude Quantitative Aptitude
1 Match the following and phrase replacement Seating Arrangement and Puzzles Data Sufficiency, Mensuration and Profit and Loss
2 Reading comprehension, Error Detection, and Misc. Topics Machine Input and Output, Order Ranking Ratio and Proportion, Time and Work
3 Fill in the Blanks, Word replacement, and Vocabulary Data Sufficiency, Syllogism, Inequality, Blood relation Data Interpretation, Number Series
4 Cloze Test and Spell Correction Order and ranking, alphanumeric series Percentage, Simplification, Approximation
5 Sentence improvement, Para Jumble Coding, decoding, distance, and direction Quad Equations, speed time, and distance, comparison of Quantities
6 Revision
7 Mock Tests



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Revise the formulae regularly: Solving the Quantitative Aptitude part will require many formulae, and you should remember them perfectly. Also, it is important that you also understand the derivations of the formulae. Make a list of all important formulae from all topics and go through them regularly, whenever you get free time. 



Develop your own shortcuts: Do not jump right into solving questions with shortcut techniques. Build the concepts first. You must understand the theory and basics to get proper learning. This will be helpful in sections like numerical ability and reasoning. For example, we know in two arbitrary numbers [(a+b)^2 = a^2 + b^2 +2ab]. You should learn the derivation of this formulae before applying it directly in questions. If you get a question that is different from the one you practised, you will not be able to solve them unless you understand the concepts. Even in English, learn the rules of grammar, so you know why we say what we say. Do not leave loopholes in your preparation. There is a lot of competition in the SBI Clerk Recruitment, and you don’t want to miss the chance.



Develop a reading habit: Reading performs a vital function in the preparation of competitive exams like the SBI Clerk. Your SBI Clerk study plan must have enough time allocated for reading newspapers, magazines, and books. Spend at least 1-2 hours every day reading. This will be of great help for the English language section and general aptitude section in both the SBI clerk prelims and SBI Clerk Mains. 



Follow your timetable properly: A good timetable is descriptive and realistic. Give enough time for each topic mentioned in the syllabus. Once you have made the timetable, stick to it. Many students think that once the timetable is made, it will be easy to crack the exam because they just have to follow the timetable. Remember that the timetable is of no use unless you follow it. Give more time for topics that you think you are weak at. Also, consider the weightage of the topic. Also, get enough practice on the strong topics, or you will lose your edge.




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Hone your time management skills: Since there are many topics and sections to cover, and you also need to practice and do mock tests, it is important that you divide and manage your time effectively. It is important to cover the topics, but you do not need to solve every single question in the exam. You need more accuracy than the number of solutions in the exam. You must know there is not unlimited time. We need to prioritize things. Do not spend too much time on one topic just because you like it too much. Be sensible.



Revision before the exam: Once you are done with all topics, keep doing revision so that you will never forget them. Go through the formulae, questions, and solutions and concepts. Take out time for regular revision. The last couple of days before the examination must be reserved only for revision and mock tests. 



Practice SBI Clerk online mock tests: After you have finished all the topics in the syllabus, take complete SBI Clerk online mock tests and keep track of your performance. Analyze your weak areas and take out time to improve them. 



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