Importance of Online Mock Tests for IBPS PO exam

You can understand the importance of taking mock tests from the fact that the official website of the IBPS has a completely separate page for mock tests. Why and how many mock tests to solve is one of the biggest concerns of the candidates preparing for IBPS PO. Some say that these help candidates assess their performance while others believe that these make a perfect medium to revise the syllabus covered. Some people call them the trial exams students take to prepare for the final exam.  

Seriously! Are mock tests for IBPS exam limited to just these 2-3 things? No, these are more important than this. If you are also preparing for the IBPS exam and scratching your head what’s the need to solve so many mock tests, here are some reasons to help you understand the importance of IBPS PO mock tests.

Understanding the exam pattern

No doubt every student goes through the exam pattern before starting the preparation but the real understanding of this is possible only by taking mock tests. Higher the number of tests you take better will be the knowledge of the type of questions asked, marking system, topics covered etc.

Help in finding out the strong and weak areas

This is one of the major reasons behind solving mock tests when preparing for competitive exams. Based on your performance in your exam, you can easily get to know about the areas you are good at and the ones where you need to focus more to score high marks.

Every question is important in the IBPS bank exam whether these take a fraction of time or more time. The benefit of taking mock tests is that you can identify your strengths and the type of questions that you can solve in a fraction of time. It helps you understand the areas that need more practice and revision to score better in the final exam.

Help in framing a better preparation strategy

By solving mock tests regularly you get used to the type of questions asked in the exam. Now based on your experience like the areas that made you anxious, you can think of a better preparation plan. It is not important to completely reframe the preparation plan. You can simply tweak the existing plan with some minor changes in the schedule. For instance, if you are giving less time to subjects like Quantitative Aptitude, but after taking the mock tests you realized that you need more practice, you can replace it with the subject that you are good at and needs less revision.

Trial run for real exam scenario

The mock test is like a trial run for the real exam scenario. Regular mock tests help you get over the fear of exam day by boosting your confidence. Some websites provide mock tests in real exam like environment to not just prepare you for the online test but also get over the phobia of exam day.

Help in making strategies for the D-day

Mock tests are not just limited to checking your score and the percentiles. The major objective of Bank PO mock tests is to analyze your mistakes and make strategies for the final exam day. The questions given in the exam are always doable. However, some questions need different strategies than others as the objective of asking these questions is to check how you apply the information than how much you know about the concept. Solving mock tests give you an idea about such questions and think of the strategies to solve them effectively in the examination hall.

Familiarity with the twisted questions

As I said earlier, questions in the exam are not just to check your knowledge but also to know how well you can apply the concepts in real life. This is done by asking some twisted questions in the exam. Though the chances of getting same questions are really low due to the changed exam pattern every year, questions in the previous year papers and other practice papers, at least, give you some understanding of the type of questions you might get.

Improved speed

Having good speed along with accuracy is imperative to clear IBPS bank exam. Accuracy is essential as wrong answers dramatically affect the score, which can lead to failure in the exam. Solving mock tests is the only way to work on your speed and accuracy. To get the maximum benefit, you should look for websites that offer bank exam mock tests with detailed solutions by experts. It helps you understand your mistakes and work on them to improve your performance in the final exam. Don't get scared if you fail in a few exams; just remember, you get to learn whenever you fail.

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