What should be your daily study routine/plan to crack the IBPS PO, IBPS Clerk or SBI PO exam?

Candidates who choose to take up banking as a career are well aware of all the examinations that they need to appear and the level of dedication required to achieve the goal. It is often said that SBI PO is more difficult as compared to IBPS PO, but when it comes to preparation, everyone has to roll up their sleeves and work hard. However, it is not just hard work that can help you crack the exam. You need to work smart too. In order to crack a bank exam, the first thing that you need to do is to create a study plan.

Read about current affairs– When you are appearing for bank exams, you should be aware of the daily affairs, practice vocabulary and many more. In the prelims of any bank exam like SBI PO, you might focus on preparing for Quantitative Aptitude, English, and Reasoning more. But it is always necessary to be prepared for the future as well because current affairs can never be missed. Hence developing a reading habit is a must.

The best way to do all this together is by reading on a regular basis. When you are preparing for your IBPS exam or any other bank exam, read various articles, blogs, newspapers etc on a daily basis. You can stay updated with the latest news as well as improve your vocabulary and practice for your English sessions.

Practice every subject– There are several topics in each subject which you need to pay attention to. Be it an SBI PO exam or IBPS PO exam, it is necessary to practice all the important topics at first. Try not to skip any subject for a long time. If you are not studying any particular subject or topic for a long time, then you might have to study harder once you get back to it.

Especially when you are studying for quantitative aptitude, practice is the only way that can help you get through it. It is always a good approach to prepare a timetable for all the subjects and allot time to each one of them with dedication.

Subject Time
Quantitative Aptitude 2 hrs
English 2 hrs
Reasoning 2 hrs
Other subjects specific to Banking exam 2 hrs
Total 8 hrs

You can allocate more time to the difficult subjects and adjust it with the subjects that you find easy. Further, once you are prepared with the syllabus, you should try to manage time for attempting mock tests.

Solve online test paper– Online test papers are a good way to analyze yourself in terms of speed as well as accuracy. You can choose platforms like Eduwhere for attempting this online mock tests and know your score for each subject. In this way, you can know better about the areas where you need to focus more. This can help you in getting better scores in any of the bank exams that you are appearing for. Try to attempt one mock test daily for better preparations of your bank exams like IBPS PO and others.

Take quick notes of every topic– Once you have studied a topic, it is always a good habit to take quick notes of all the key points present in that topic. It helps in revision during the last moment preparations and saves time as well.

This quick notes can help you in creating your own tricks of memorizing and solving questions speedily. Do not forget the note down all the important formulae and take a look at them often. In this way, you can easily notch any of the bank exams.

Analyse yourself at proper intervals–  No one better than you would be able to analyze the scale of your progress since the time you have started your preparations. You can compare your graph of performance and understanding towards the topics at the present moment and before a couple of months.

You would come up to a result that you are aware of most of the topics and also prepared for the same. But there may be some topics where you still need to work hard. Thus, it becomes essential to know yourself better by analyzing at regular interviews for certain topics. You can easily know your present condition and the condition which you had a month ago.

Revision is mandatory– Let’s say you have completed a certain topic from the quant section for your IBPS PO exam. You cover the rest of the topics and skip revising one specific topic. You might face difficulty in solving the same or would need more time as you have skipped revision for the same. Always remember, no matter whichever exam you are appearing, revision is as important as studying the topics.

Follow your routine strictly– In the end, all the planning is in vain if you do not follow your routine in a dedicated way. If you have created a study/ routine plan, then ensure that you follow it strictly. Do not skip any of the topics any day.

These are some simple hacks that can help you in getting through your IBPS PO, SBI PO or any other bank exam.

We hope this article was helpful to your exam preparation.

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