Benefits of a 100% Job Guarantee Program:

As soon as a person completes their Graduation, the first thing that they want is a JOB with a decent SALARY.


In today's fast-paced and advancing world, more than a degree, one needs skills to fetch them a decent job. It is recommended that a job aspirant focuses on skill building according to industrial standards. 


Keeping this in mind, many training institutes have introduced a Job Guarantee Course so that job aspirants can upgrade their skills and get a guaranteed job from that training institute.


To ease your search, we recommend you join PyNet Labs!


PyNet Labs is one of the best Cisco partner corporate training companies for Network Engineers that offers training on the latest technologies according to industry standards. 


Also, we have a Job guarantee program for network engineers, designed for both fresher and experienced professionals. In this program, the fresher can learn a new skill and get placed, whereas the experienced professionals can brush up their skills and get a deserved hike.


Our job guarantee program is designed in a way that we start with the placements from the very first day someone enrols for PyNet Labs Job Guarantee Program.


Our Job Guarantee Program comes with some more benefits that are mentioned below;


  • 50% money-back guarantee to those who enrol on our 100% Job Guarantee Program if you are not placed in any company.
  • An easy student loan is available for 6/12/18 months 
  • On-paper placement guarantees those enrolling on our 100% Job Guarantee program.
  • Lifetime access to the recordings for the revision. 
  • 24X7 unlimited Lab Facility for the better practice of the students.
  • Lifetime doubt-solving and placement assistance.



To impart knowledge, we first need to communicate in a way that everyone can understand. Therefore PyNet Labs has included English-spoken classes in the 100% Job Guarantee program. Also, we will help you to build your resume in a professional way so that your resume gets shortlisted.