JEE Mains- Important Topics & Books To Refer



IIT-JEE Main 2019 January session is over and this is the time to prepare for the April session. Looking at the huge syllabus covered in Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics in JEE Main, covering each and every topic is no doubt a humongous task. Not just the difficulty level of the exam, but the vast syllabus is also one of the reasons why students start preparing for the exam so early. One thing worth mentioning here is that to complete the huge JEE Main syllabus in a limited time, along with hard work, you also need to study smart. Going through the important topics, solving online tests regularly and referring to the best books for the engineering entrance exam are some of the smarty study tips for JEE aspirants.

Whether you are preparing for JEE Main 2019 or studying in class 11 and just going to start your preparation for the next year, having knowledge of the important topics can really help you a lot. Check out the list of important topics and books to prepare and score well in the most coveted engineering entrance exam.

JEE Main – Important Topics

There are a number of chapters covered from different subjects and variation of questions asked from the same. Weightage of each chapter, topic and question varies from each other. So to make it easier for you to understand which topic needs more attention and hard work; we have divided them to four categories.

  1. Easy Topics (High Weightage, Low Effort)
  2. Difficult Topics (High Weightage, High Effort)
  3. Easy Topics with Low Weightage
  4. Difficult Topics with Low Weightage

JEE Main – Physics Important Topics

Efforts Needed High Weightage Low Weightage
 Less Efforts Heat & Thermodynamics Heat Transfer
Ray Optics Fluids
Electromagnetic Waves Nuclear Physics & X-Rays
Semiconductors Work, Energy & Power
Error & Instrument Analysis Units & Measurements
Dimensional Analysis Dual Nature of Matter & Radiation
Wave Optics  
Photoelectric Effect  
More Hard Work Electromagnetic Induction & Alternating Current Circular Motion
Rotation Center of Mass & Collisions
Kinematics Communication Systems
Electrostatics Laws of Motion
Current Electricity & Capacitors  
Properties of Matter  
Magnetic Effects of Current & Magnetism  
Bohr’s Atomic Model  
Waves & Sound  


JEE Main – Mathematics Important Topics

Efforts Needed High Weightage Low Weightage
Less Efforts 3 Dimensional Geometry Differential Equation
Vectors Differentiation
Determinant & Matrices Trigonometric Equation
Sequence & Series Statistics
Straight Line Mathematical Logic
Circle Set & Relation
Probability Distribution (Binomial + Mean & Variance) Height & Distance
More Hard Work Definite Integral & Area Under the Curve Trigonometric Ratio & Functions
Limits, Continuity & Differentiability Properties of Triangle
Functions Permutation & Combination
Application of Derivatives Indefinite Integral
Conic Sections  
Complex Number  
Quadratic Equation  
Binomial Theorem & M. I.  


JEE Main – Chemistry Important Topics

Efforts Needed High Weightage Low Weightage
 Less Efforts Atomic Structure Chemical Equilibrium
Gaseous & Liquid State Redox & Volumetric Analysis
Electrochemistry Solutions
Chemical Kinetics Metallurgy
Nuclear & Surface Chemistry Qualitative Analysis
Chemical Bonding Hydrocarbons
d-Block Elements  
Co-ordination Compound  
Alkyl Halides  
Aromatic Compounds  
More Hard Work Thermodynamics Mole Concept
p-Block Elements Ionic Equilibrium
General Organic Chemistry Solid State
Isomerism s-Block Elements
Aldehydes and Ketones Periodic Classification
Carboxylic Acids & Its Derivatives Classification & Nomenclature
  Alcohol & Ether
  Nitrogen Compounds & Aliphatic Amines
  Biomolecules & Polymers


JEE Main – Important Books

Selection of right study material has a huge impact on your final performance in any competitive exam. As far as JEE Main is concerned,  it has been stated that covering NCERT syllabus of Class 11 and 12 is enough to score well. However, students always look for some additional study material to strengthen their concepts. Given below are some best books for IIT-JEE preparation.

JEE Main Important Books for Mathematics

Name of the book Author/Publisher
Class XI & XII Syllabus NCERT
Class XI & XII Syllabus R.D. Sharma
Co-ordinate Geometry S.L.Loney
Higher Algebra Hall Knight+ Bernard-child
Problems in Calculus of One Variable Algebra I.A.Maron
Algebra, Differential Calculus and Integral Calculus Arihant
Complete Mathematics for JEE Main Tata McGrawHill (TMH)
New Pattern Mathematics for JEE Main/Advanced Arihant Publications


JEE Main Important Books for Physics

Name of the book Author
Concepts of Physics for Mechanics, Electrostatics, Optics, Modern Physics, Heat and waves H C Verma
Problems in General Physics for modern physics, mechanics, electricity and mechanism I.E. Irodov
Elements of Dynamics S.L.Loney
NCERT Physics Text Books for Basics
University Physics Sears and Zemansky
Fundamentals of Physics for electricity and magnetism, heat, mechanics Resnick, Halliday, Walker


JEE Main Important Books for Chemistry

Name of the book Author
NCERT Chemistry Class XI and XII books
Modern Approach to Chemical Calculations R.C. Mukherjee
Physical Chemistry Atkins' and N Awasthi’s Physical Chemistry
Organic Chemistry Organic Chemistry by Paula Bruice Yurkanis
Inorganic Chemistry J.D Lee and O.P. Tandon


JEE Main Online Tests

In addition to going through all the important topics and the best books, you should also solve JEE Main online tests. Make it an integral part of your preparation as it helps you regularly assess and improve your progress. Further, by solving previous year papers and online tests, you can get an idea of the type of questions asked in the exam and can prepare for the final exam accordingly. Just make sure, you choose the right online platform to solve mock tests. There is no use of visiting hundreds of websites and randomly answering questions. Choose a website like Eduwhere that provides online practice tests prepared by experienced teachers who keep the latest trends in the mind while preparing the question papers.

Note: Though we have provided you with a list of important topics, we will still suggest you go through complete JEE syllabus to score well and get the top ranks.

Best wishes for your preparation and success in the exam!