JEE(Mains) percentile scores to be considered for Merit list

The pattern for creating merit lists for admission to Engineering colleges through the JEE Mains is now changed. The merit lists were based on the raw marks obtained by the candidates, it is now updated to percentile score of the candidates.  A two-cycle computer based examination system shall be introduced from 2019.

According to the updated exam format for engineering and architecture courses, the tests will be conducted in January and April. This National Testing Agency(NTA) has announced this new procedure of examination. This will further be the basis of the final merit list for the admission of IITs.

According to this format, the test will be conducted over a period of 14 days in every cycle. The exam will consist of multiple sessions each day. According to the officials, a core group of IITs, UGC, IASRI, NITs, AIIMS will finalize the process of  NTA score.

Here is the new way of ranking:

  • The highest scorer of each session will be quoted as 100 percentile.
  • All the scores for each session together will be the master  NTA score.
  • The highest marks obtained in various subjects will be considered if there is a tie between 100 percentile candidates.
  • In case of a tie even after these scores, the older person will be ranked higher.
  • Merit list announcement after Main 2.
  • For candidates taking both the cycles exam, the better percentile shall be counted.  

On the basis of the entire mentioned procedure, the overall merit list shall be created.