Myths about IIT JEE preparation & how online mock tests can help

Cracking JEE 2020 to get admission to premium engineering institutes such as IITs, NITs etc. is a dream of every aspiring engineer in India. While preparing for this national level engineering entrance exam, aspirants come across many myths which appear true but in reality, have nothing to do with IIT JEE Main preparation.

Eduwhere here will help you find out the real facts about JEE Main preparation by busting the most common myths associated with it.

Board result doesn't matter

There is a misconception among students that their score in class 11 and 12 have nothing to do with their result in JEE Main. They just need to get the minimum marks in 12th boards to qualify for JEE Main. This is not true because Class 11 and 12 syllabi make the base for JEE syllabus. So, preparation of both Class 12 board exams as well as JEE should be given due attention.

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Longer study hours can guarantee success

No, this is nowhere written that candidates need to study for 12 hours a day to crack JEE. You just need to strike a right balance in all subjects to ensure that nothing gets ignored. You can effectively prepare for JEE Main and Advanced by seriously studying for 4-8 hours. Just make sure you spend ample time on each subject and revise the topics regularly to cover the syllabus on time.

Clearing JEE is not possible for average students

There is no doubt that JEE is one of the toughest entrance exams in India, but it's not impossible to crack it. With dedication, determination, in-depth subject knowledge, smart study techniques and regular practice, you can definitely crack the exam.

Board preparation is same as JEE preparation

This is another myth by following which students spoil their results in both the exams. You need different preparation strategy for boards and JEE where you give enough time to all the subjects covered in both. For instance, the type of question asked in IIT JEE and boards from chemistry are completely different and you need to practice them separately for class 12th boards and JEE.

Cracking JEE is possible by focusing only on stronger subjects

This is a common habit of almost all the students that we churn out the tough topics first and then start spending most of the time on them. During this process, usually, the weaker subjects and important topics get ignored, the impact of which can directly be seen on the result. So, instead of leaving topics completely untouched, cover them at least once to prepare well for the exam.

There can be random questions in JEE Main & Advanced

Wrong, both JEE Main and Advanced have a fixed syllabus and exam pattern. You can easily get the idea of most commonly asked questions by going through previous year papers. When going through previous year papers, you will also find that the exam follows a similar pattern with just a minor change in the questions.

Solving a lot of mock tests is not necessary

There is a myth that you don’t need to solve a large number of mock tests to prepare for JEE, which is not true. There is no limit to solving mock tests and sample papers for JEE preparation. Online mock tests not just help you revise the syllabus but also help you understand the exam pattern and form your strategies for the exam day.

How online mock tests can help you in JEE preparation?

A better understanding of exam pattern

Not just the syllabus, mock tests for JEE also help you get an understanding of the exam pattern and practise the question papers accordingly.

Subject-wise preparation

With the availability of online mock tests for different subjects, you can get check your preparation level for each subject and work on your weaknesses. For instance, if you feel that you are lacking in chemistry, you can easily find online IIT JEE chemistry sample papers and solve them to make a list of the sections where you get stuck.


Most of the online testing platforms offering mock tests for JEE also provide detailed performance analysis reports after each test. With the help of these reports, you can analyse and improve your preparation. It also helps you understand your weaknesses and work on the same to improve your performance in the final exam.

Knowledge of the type of questions

As we mentioned above, there is a misconception that there can be any types of questions in JEE. With online mock tests from reliable platforms like Eduwhere, where tests are provided as per the latest exam pattern, you can get an understanding of the type of questions asked in the exam.

Improved speed and time-management skills

Regular practice of online JEE mock tests help you work on your speed and time-management skills. But for this, you need to solve tests by creating a real-life exam like environment at home.


Though it is tough to crack IIT JEE to get admission in top engineering colleges in India, it is worth the hard work and dedication when you realize your dream of becoming an engineer. So, don't let JEE preparation myth come in between your dreams and pull up your socks to crack the exam with strategic JEE preparation plan.