5 Mistakes You Are Likely Making While Preparing for CLAT

We've all been there and we've definitely done it. Most of us don't even realize we are doing it until the damage has already been done. You may have heard this tape a million times, but you can't hear enough of it!

Here are 5 mistakes you can make while preparing for CLAT (or any other entrance exam for that matter):


1. Not having a structured timeline.

One of the biggest mistakes most CLAT aspirants make is studying without a structured timeline. At times, this adds to the feeling of anxiety and confusion when you are near your board.

Set a time from day one. Decide how many mocks you aim to give, how many GK topics you want to cover, or even the concepts you find difficult. You can take also CLAT courses for CLAT preparation. 

It is important that this timeline changes with your preparation. But having it will definitely give structure to your preparation.


2. Spending too much time complaining.

Most of the students appearing for CLAT are aware of its unpredictable nature, yet whenever faced with any setback, spend more time complaining and trying to predict the future.

We see it all the time on the Internet, with various channels and peers constantly commenting about a paper change or a possible postponement. Don't indulge, stick to your timeline, or make changes to it if necessary.

Be positive in your preparation, you will definitely get the reward for your effort.


3. Not doing enough mocks.

The thought of taking mocks is intimidating and most of the aspirants spend their time studying. There is no substitute for a mock test and its good analysis.

Under pressure in a time-bound environment, it is essential to spend your time practicing questions- and the best way to do that is with a CLAT test series. It's okay not to "cut off" on your first mock, rely on the process, and streamline your study strategy.

It is also important that you do mocks from more than one source, this will give you some perspective in the different answer arguments.


4. Pay attention to how others are doing.

We get it, it's not nearly impossible! But CLAT is a preparation focused exam. It is possible that many students are born with a natural aptitude to crack CLAT, but that does not mean that you will not be able to crack the exam.

Everyone's strengths and weaknesses are different. Instead of focusing on someone else, which ultimately weighs you down and leaves you demotivated, it's essential to do the work for you.


5. Extremely diversifying your sources.

It really is a task not to be deceived by the plethora of sources on the Internet. Everything seems equally important.

However, this only creates a sense of anxiety. We often watch every single strategy video on the internet and are left with 5 different strategies for the next month.