EduTalk: CLAT tips by Ojasvita Srivastava

Eduwhere presents to you its brand new video series- EduTalk Our first speaker is Ms. Ojasvita Srivastava. In this video, she is sharing tips for CLAT aspirants to score big in Common Law Admission Test.

Ojasvita is a qualified lawyer and an experienced in-house counsel with experience in litigation, arbitration and corporate compliance. She also runs a pro-bono initiative called Project Abhimanyu.

She pursued an LLM in Commercial and Corporate Law at the Centre for Commercial Law Studies, Queen Mary University of London, where she served as the Communication and Media Co-ordinator of her specialism- Commercial and Corporate Law .

Ojasvita was also the Co-Founder and Chief Editor of the ‘The Sophists’, Queen Mary Law and Business Journal, which publishes articles on Law, Business and Politics.


EduTalk: CLAT Tips by Ojasvita Srivastava



Hi Students,
I am a lawyer my name is Ojasvita, and I’m going to give you a few tips for your CLAT exam on 13th of May.

So to begin with your exam has to be taken like a strategy. CLAT is divided into Five Parts and I think the best way to do an exam including CLAT is to first attempt those sections that would you take less time.

So you have a section of GK and you have a section of Maths and these are the sections that are quick to finish and you either know the answer or you don’t know the answer. I would suggest you first attempt those sections. And then go to the English comprehension, legal reasoning, and legal aptitude.

For preparing for the exams one of the best ways is to write mock exams. Not only take as many mock exams as you can, but also sit down and analyze the results of your mock, where you went wrong, where you can improve for the section that you need to focus on.

GK takes in a lot of your exam, so I think they are 50 questions out of 200 are set for GK.

If you go through newspapers regularly or if you have been going through newspapers regularly that is something that you would be able to handle easily.

As far as the logical part and legal reasoning is concerned, I have seen a lot of students face problems since they get different answers for the same questions in different books. So I would suggest you pick one book and stick to whatever reasoning or logic it gives.

Overall the CLAT exam is looking for a smart person, looking for somebody who is really good and well read and not someone who is very good at mugging up.

So the best strategy for CLAT is to write as many exams as possible. Try and solve all the last 10 years question papers. Logical reasons and legal reasoning questions keep repeating as well, so the more you practice the better you will get.

I wish you all the best.