Everything you need to know about the CLAT Exam Pattern 2024

The CLAT Consortium of NLUs changed the format of the CLAT UG and CLAT PG  exams again. The test will be given over the Internet. On the CLAT, there will be multiple-choice questions based on reading passages. In 120 minutes, you will have to answer 120 MCQs on the CLAT PG programme.

CLAT Test Schedule 2024

With the recent changes to the CLAT, the number of questions will go from 200 to 150. The questions will come from the sections on Quantitative Techniques, English, Current Affairs, Deductive Reasoning, and Logical Reasoning. Also, the CLAT PG exam format no longer has a section for writing about something.

Latest Updates

  • From 200 questions, the PG programme will now only have 150 questions. There will be 450-word paragraphs, and after each one, there will be 4-5 MCQs.
  • Prof. Faizan Mustafa, Vice-Chancellor of NALSAR, said, "Asking students to answer 200 questions in 120 minutes is not right because it puts students under a lot of mental stress." This is why the number of questions has been cut.
  • The questions in CLAT-UG will be at the level of the 12th grade.
  • The section on quantitative aptitude will be at the level of the 10th grade.
  • In the CLAT PG programme, there are 120 multiple-choice questions, and the descriptive section and cut-off bar have been taken out.
  • Because of the COVID situation in the country, changes are being made to the CLAT 2024 exam pattern.

CLAT Exam Pattern 2024 Highlights

CLAT Syllabus 2024

CLAT Section-Wise Marks Weightage 2024

With the latest changes to the CLAT Exam Pattern, the way the points are given out for each subject has changed. Here's how the points are split up by section:

CLAT Marking Scheme 2024

The way the CLAT will be graded in 2024 will be the same as it was in the past. What this means is:

  • Each correct answer is worth one point.
  • Every wrong answer will take away 0.25 points from the total score.
  • If you don't answer any questions, you won't get or lose any points.

Marks Distribution for CLAT PG program

Importance of CLAT Exam Paper Pattern 2024

Before a candidate starts studying for the CLAT, it is very important for them to know how the test is set up. The following points will explain why the CLAT exam pattern 2024 is important:

  • When studying, a candidate can save time if he or she knows how the test will be set up. The CLAT exam pattern will have detailed information about the test, which helps students plan how they will study and how well they will review.
  • With the test format, the candidates can plan how they will study. Structure helps the candidates figure out what their strong and weak points are. The candidates can also learn how to better handle their time.