How to Clear CLAT 2022 Exam in the First Attempt

Many aspirants panic at the thought of cracking the CLAT exam, especially on the first attempt. It is true that there are many misconceptions like the CLAT exam which cannot be cleared in the first attempt which is not true. Yes! It takes so much effort and hard work to crack the CLAT exam as well as a well-planned strategy that will help the candidates to crack the CLAT exam in the first attempt.

Prepare in advance for success

Well, as per expert guidance you need to prepare yourself very quickly to crack CLAT 2022 exam. You need to start preparation after class XI, it helps you to check and think for yourself. You can analyze and work on your skills and shortcomings. You will also get time to devise a well-planned strategy to stand out on your strengths. You can Join the CLAT courses for CLAT preparation 2022. 

The main purpose behind conducting the exam is to check the ability and potential of a candidate and to do that question papers are created. Hence, it is very important to understand the basics of all the exams to score good marks.


Prepare subject wise

English and Comprehension

The number of questions is 28-32, and the weightage in the exam is 20% for CLAT 2022 exam. The truth is that no one becomes a language expert in a day, it takes time. Newspapers and magazines can be beneficial for preparation, and it really helps to increase your vocabulary on a daily basis.


General Knowledge & Current Affairs

The number of questions is 35-39, and the weightage in the exam is 25% for CLAT 2022 exam. Sorry to say, it's just a myth that knowledge has shortcuts to success. Always try to make yourself better than yesterday, keep yourself updated by reading magazines, newspapers and articles.



The number of questions for the CLAT 2022 exam is 35-39, and the weightage in the exam is 25%. Candidates will have to tackle only basic maths (up to the 10th standard) to clear the exam. Solve previous years question papers to analyze what can be asked and questions


Legal Aptitude

The number of questions is 28-32, and the weightage in the exam is 20% for CLAT 2022 exam. If the candidate gets a tie on the score, then the candidate with more marks in the legal qualification will be given preference. Hence, candidates need to pay special attention to legal qualifications.


Logical Reasoning

The number of questions for the CLAT 2022 exam is 13-17, and the weightage in the exam is 10%. This section is designed to test a candidate's ability to know patterns and correct illogical arguments.


We all avoid facing our fears. The same applies to the preparation part of the exam as well. Firstly, we try to take easy subjects and lastly keep the difficult ones. This leaves us in a state of panic in the final months of preparation. You need to invest more time and effort to convert difficult subjects into easy subjects. So such topics should be tackled at the very beginning of your preparation. This will boost your confidence and give you more time to master the challenging section.


Stay motivated and motivated to crack the CLAT exam in the first attempt

Because if a candidate is not motivated then it creates a doubt in your mind whether you can do it or not? Always remember never to be influenced by what others say to you. You are good enough to decide for yourself what is best for you and what should be your strategy to crack the CLAT exam.

The only thing candidates need to remember is "Stay focused and confident on your goals."


Attempting Mock Tests - Everything becomes easy in the exam

Yes! This feature of this activity makes the most difference. KBE experts will never guide or instruct students to attempt unlimited CLAT mock tests or CLAT practice test for preparation. But instead, candidates have to first create an exam hall environment and then attempt mock tests. It helps you to remain calm during the actual exam in any situation. Never get discouraged if you get bad marks while attempting mock tests despite always trying to analyze your mistakes. So, next time or in the exam you will not make the same mistakes again and again.


Mind Alert! time management

Correct! Correct! It is time management that makes the CLAT exam difficult. The candidate keeps in mind time management and always tries to solve the exam well before the time. Timing is an important factor to appear in the CLAT exam. This can be done easily by practising mock papers, which will help in completing them.

Yes! Aspirants have to stay updated with the current affairs for the live part of the exam. Develop the habit of reading at least two newspapers daily. Not only will it enhance your overall understanding, but it will also help you with your vocabulary and comprehension abilities.



CLAT is a very energy draining exam and candidates do not get even a minute to relax. Be sure to build up your stamina from the start. Do not indulge too much in one question for wasting time on other sections / wasting time on difficult questions. Move from strong areas to weak areas and from easy areas to difficult areas. Follow well-planned strategies to crack CLAT Exam 2022 in the first attempt.

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