How to crack Law entrance exams?

The main objective of such exams is to select students who have a good understanding of the fundamentals. Being academically talented with a focus on rote learning cannot be of much use to crack these exams. They want the students to be intelligent as well as smart.

There are many entrance exams in the country including CLAT, AILET (NLU Delhi), SLAT (Symbiosis University), LSAT, etc. These exams are of general aptitude type with a focus on the above-mentioned topics.

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This section is about testing students' proficiency with reading and comprehension, vocabulary, and basic grammar. Students who have paid attention to basic English taught in school and have developed the habit of reading more than prescribed lessons throughout their lives will have no trouble cracking this section.


This section is about testing the analytical and verbal reasoning skills of the student. While analytical reasoning is all about questions like number series, coding, relations, instructions, puzzles, etc., verbal reasoning tests the proficiency of the student in reasoning through language through questions on the assumption, conclusion, reasoning, etc.


Though students claim to fear this section the most, it is probably the easiest section. It only tests the students on the fundamental concepts taught in the school in classes 8, 9, and 10.

legal qualification

This section does not test the knowledge of the students about the existing laws. Instead, it tests the student's ability to understand a given theory and apply it to the given facts. A student only needs proficiency in English and the ability to think logically to pass this section.

General Knowledge and Current Affairs

This section is about knowing whether the candidate is merely a bookworm or possesses knowledge about the world around and its events.


While there are many CLAT online course institutes that guide students to prepare for various entrance exams, a determined and disciplined student can actually prepare for CLAT on his own.

The first step is to understand what the exam is. Previous year papers are made available through the official CLAT website. One must go through them to get a fair idea of ​​the syllabus to be prepared.

Prepare a comprehensive list of subjects (in each subject). Separate the topics that you are well versed in, which require more preparation.

Prepare a detailed schedule for learning and revising the subjects.

There is a lot of material available in the market to prepare for these exams. One can also decide to buy study material from a reputed CLAT coaching institute or go for independent books on various subjects which are easily available in leading bookstores or online portals.

Internet is a boon for a student who decides to prepare himself. There are many free video tutorials available for practically every topic that students can access freely.

Once confident enough with the preparation of the subject, the student has to start working on the strategy to take the exam.

This is where model test papers play an important role. After appearing for a model test paper under strict exam conditions, analysis of the paper is of utmost importance. One must analyze not only those questions which were not attempted or attempted wrongly but also those questions which were attempted correctly but took a lot of unnecessary time.

Analysis 5 model papers are often more beneficial than attempting 50 model papers without any analysis,

At the end of all this, exams like CLAT are not just about academic intelligence but about discipline, hard work and smart work, and dedication.


Best of Luck for CLAT 2022.