How to Improve Your Reading Speed for CLAT Comprehensions

If CLAT 2022 was any indication, the exam is getting intense every year. This is understandable as law students and all legal professionals need to read lengthy documents regularly.

While your understanding of these long paragraphs may be great, the reality is that you also need to read them really quickly. CLAT being a time-bound test, you need to not only study properly but also quickly.

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Tips on How to Improve Your Reading Speed for CLAT Comprehension 

  1. Do not read the words again.

Most of us have the tendency to “circle back and forth” between the words we read. Rereading is a difficult habit to break. It’s a bad habit that wastes a lot of time.

As juvenile as it may seem, keeping a finger on the page while reading will help you break the habit.

  1. While practicing, set a timer.

Keep a one-minute timer going as you practice or study at home, and note how many words you can read in that time. Keep track of your score and strive to beat your own record by repeating the procedure.

If you keep playing this game, you’ll be able to improve your reading speed in no time!

  1. Make a goal. 

Making yourself responsible for the consequences and results will keep you focused on reading and reaching the goal you’ve set for yourself. Make a daily or weekly goal for yourself and stick to it. Don’t forget to reward yourself after you’ve met your goal.

  1. Read more now.

As the saying goes, “Practice makes a man perfect.” This guideline applies to everyone, whether you’re an artist, musician, athlete, or reader. The more you read, the more proficient you will become.

Make it a habit to read at least once a day, every day. Even if you’re not studying, make sure you read something, even if it’s not from your curriculum.

  1. Make use of a marker.

If your eyes start to blur while you’re reading the paragraph, use this simple approach to keep yourself focused. Simply lay an index card underneath the line you’re reading and slide it down as you go.

This will guarantee that you stay on track and don’t lose track of what you’re reading.

  1. Improve your vocabulary. 

If you run across terms you don’t recognize when reading, you’ll not only be left wondering what the text means, but you’ll also be wasting a lot of time. As a result, improve your vocabulary. This will guarantee that you comprehend all you’ve read.

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