How to Prepare for CLAT in 2 Months?

We're having a week in April and as the CLAT inch draws to a close, it's time to pull up your socks. There are a variety of strategies floating around the internet, here are a few things that you must remember before preparing your strategy for the upcoming exam. In this article, we discuss how you can prepare for CLAT in 2 months.

While these are the tips we recommend, remember that only you know where you stand with your preparation. So prioritize your needs and weaknesses accordingly!


1. Attempt as many mocks as you can

While many people often differ on their stance on mocks, we believe it is essential to attempt as many mocks as you can. Create an excel sheet and track your progress in the last few CLAT online mock tests. See which section you are missing. Analyze your score and work on your weaknesses.


2. Working on Your Weakness

Let us assume that you have realized that you are not doing well in CLAT Logical Reasoning. Pick up and solve all the previous few year's logical reasoning papers. Do at least 30-40 questions in a day and see if your scores are increasing or not.

Not seeing immediate progress with only two months left can be stressful but be patient with yourself. Classify logical reasoning questions into types: inference, logical fallacy, paradox and so on.

Find out which of these types is causing you trouble and work on it. It's not too late yet.


3. Modify

It is very important that you revise your notes, especially for GK. It may be true that your mocks make you feel like you are on track and don't need revision. But check your notes on important concepts. You have nothing to lose.

Remake your GK timeline and do the quiz yourself. Go through the quirky concepts of liability and postage rules!

4. Don't Compare

It's easy to get caught up in other people's fake scores. Maybe your best friend got 100+ and you still find yourself stuck at 80+, that's okay. Remember that your marks matter only in the actual exam, so keep practising on your weak areas.

5. Pick up the slack and put in the time

Remember that this is the last stage of your preparation. Don't miss the end goal now. Spend 6-8 hours a day, and choose multiple subjects. Revise, practise, and analyze. Prioritize cleats. Now don't slack off, you're almost at the finish line.