How To Prepare For CLAT Mathematics 2024

Law students take the Common Law Admission Exam (CLAT). A strong performance on the quantitative ability section of the CLAT has been cited as being essential to success. The most current CLAT curriculum is used to provide suggestions and lead you in this essay. Here, experts provide their preparation tips for the CLAT Mathematics portion. The five topics are:

  • Arithmetic

  • Commercial Mathematics

  • Mensuration

  • Modern Mathematics

  • Data Interpretation

Let's now talk about how to study for the mathematics portion of the CLAT. However, in order to prepare appropriately, applicants must first get familiar with the CLAT math syllabus.

2024 CLAT Maths Syllabus

Learn more about the CLAT math curriculum from the points listed below so that you may start preparing appropriately.

How to Answer the 2024 CLAT Math Questions?

The following considerations will assist you if you have chosen to take part in CLAT 2024 and are wondering how to approach the math problems.

Step 1: Assess Your Strengths and Weaknesses

  • Check the questions to determine whether they are difficult or straightforward.
  • Pick the area where you feel most assured.
  • After you have answered all the questions you feel secure about, list and practise the subjects.
  • Don't spend time on the Math section of the test since the CLAT is quite difficult. Before beginning the challenging areas of the test, finish the easier ones.
  • Try to provide a solution to the issue in no more than 20 minutes. to prepare a strategy of action

Step 2: Try utilising the option rejection method to respond to questions. It reduces the amount of time needed to complete the whole section.

Step 3: Remain composed since panicking won't help! Being ready for any sort of inquiry is essential since CLAT has a long history of offering unexpected papers.

This is how applicants may approach the CLAT math problems with ease and ace the test. The subject of the finest books for CLAT study now emerges.

CLAT Maths Study Guides 2024

The following list of CLAT Maths Preparation Books is offered for candidates' use so they may make the most effective math preparation for the CLAT.

  • R.S. Aggarwal’s Quantitative Aptitude for Competitive Examinations
  • Tyra’s Magical Book on Quicker Math
  • Abhijit Guha’s Quantitative Aptitude for Competitive Examinations
  • NCERT textbooks for grades 9th, 10th, and 12th.
  • CLAT and Other Law Entrance Exams: A Universal’s Guide

CLAT Math Preparation Advice

The first thing to do whenever someone asks how to study for the CLAT math section should be to go over the basics from the 10th NCERT textbooks. There are 13–17 questions in this section, and for pupils to successfully complete them, they must first understand the concepts and equations. Here are a few CLAT Math preparation suggestions for pupils to think about:

Revise and Fix Issues

The questions must be carefully reviewed by candidates, who should then practise answering them using mathematical equations.

Revise the Subjects

Instead of waiting until the course is over, students must make sure that they routinely review the material.

Concentrate on the Issues

To avoid having to read it again, be sure to keep your attention on the question and avoid getting distracted while reading.

Organize your time well.

To save time, start with the simplest section and answer the simple questions first. On this exam, time management is crucial. The CLAT test requires a lot of time, thus candidates should be skilled in time management.

These straightforward strategies for CLAT mathematics can aid candidates in putting their best CLAT 2024 preparation forward. Candidates sometimes run out of time to finish the questions. In such situation, using the quick tips below would be beneficial.

Smart CLAT Math Strategies for Difficult Questions

The quickest possible time must be used to answer math problems. Who knows how? You need to know a few short tactics in addition to the Important Maths Formulas for the CLAT Exam if you want to solve math questions quickly and effectively. Here are some simple CLAT math study tips to help you understand how to respond to problems quickly in the next test.

  • To expedite your calculations, go through the tables up to number 25.
  • Know the squares and cubes of all numbers up to twenty.
  • Increase the number of math problems you solve to increase your speed.
  • Choose the areas of your life that need change.
  • Try to respond to the test questions as quickly as possible.

Learning these quick CLAT math shortcuts will enable you to finish the test on time and without missing any problems. Even the online CLAT coaching professionals advise their pupils to use such strategies.


That's it! These are the only CLAT mathematic advice that candidates may use to ace the test. We hope the advice is useful to you. It's time to get the greatest CLAT instruction in India, where qualified instructors will guide you toward immediate success.