Strategy And Time Management For CLAT 2022

CLAT is a nationwide offline entrance exam conducted by National Law Universities every year on a rotation basis. Over 60,000 candidates fight for a mere 1,500 seats in the top national law universities. CLAT is considered a very tough nut to crack as it not only tests the IQ level of the candidates but also checks their clarity of mind and time management. It has 200 questions divided into 5 sections and the time limit to attend all the questions is only 2 hours giving only 36 seconds for one question. The pattern of CLAT is as follows:

Though there is no hard and fast method or strategy for time management, an aspirant can design his own methodology by reviewing his strengths and weaknesses. Apart from the individual strategies, there are some basic strategies that every CLAT aspirant must keep in their mind. Those strategies can be divided into two phases i.e. preparation phase and test time


Strategy And Time Management For CLAT 2022


Make a proper schedule

To make your studies more effective it is very necessary to divide and balance your day in a proper schedule. A proper program is one that covers both your study time and your spare time. You should divide your day in such a way that all five sections get optimum time. It goes without saying that you should not devote too much time to your favourite subject and very little or no time at all to the subject you hate. If you are weak in any subject or you think that you do have not good knowledge of your CLAT syllabus, then you can join CLAT online course for CLAT 2022.

An ideal program should devote at least 8-10 hours of their day to their studies. These hours should be divided into five sections according to their strengths and weaknesses. An ideal program might look like this.

Subscribe to Various Mock Tests

Mock tests give you an idea about the pattern of the exam. It mimics the same pressure that you will go through during your CLAT exam. Mock tests are very important for every aspirant as they answer questions like how much time you should give in a section, which section should you attend first and which section requires your extra efforts. Some institutes also conduct their All India CLAT test Series which can also help you in predicting your All India Rank.

The mock test series offered by Law Prep Tutorial is highly recommended.


Study GK Well

General Knowledge is the most unpredictable and yet the most scoring section of the CLAT exam. This section covers one-fourth of the exam which means 50 questions from both static and current general knowledge. You can easily snatch 50 marks in just 10 to 15 minutes but where is it easy. This section is considered to be very unpredictable due to the division of questions between static and current Gk. It is almost impossible to know what type of questions you will get, but to get the closest hunch, it is necessary to analyze the previous year papers.


Perform SWOT analysis

The most important part of your preparation phase is to be aware of your strengths and weaknesses. For SWOT analysis, one must revisit their mock test and identify their blind spots. He should identify the sections in which he made the most mistakes or took a lot of time. This analysis will not only uncover your weaknesses but will also help you not to make the same mistakes again.


Never Skip a Section

Sometimes candidates from weak maths backgrounds decide to skip the whole maths section. It has to be understood that the Mathematics section of CLAT is limited to only Basic Elementary Mathematics which any student can participate in very easily. It basically includes topics like Profit and Loss, Percentage, CI and SI, Speed ​​Time and Distance, and Data Interpretation which you must have studied in your 9th or 10th class.


Stay Motivated

When the exam time approaches, the enthusiasm of the candidates wanes. Either they become overconfident or they lose all their hope. You should always remember that no preparation is enough for such an unpredictable exam. Also, losing hope is never an option; As your confidence and clarity of mind contribute as much, if not more, than your preparation.


Do Revision

This is the most important part of any preparation. Even if you know the concept at its core, it is really important to re-brush it. If you want to solve all the 200 questions on time, it is really important to make all the concepts your reflection. This means that after reading the question, you should understand the question and know which method you should use to get the correct answer. This is possible only with constant practice and frequent revision of all the concepts.

Test Time

Pre-determined timing for each section

Your 2 hours should be divided in such a way that you can solve all the questions. This division varies from person to person as per the strengths and weaknesses but it is recommended that you start your exam with Gk. GK questions are straight cut questions and can give you maximum marks in minimum time.

Don't waste time on difficult or difficult questions

In CLAT, no candidate should spend more than 30-40 seconds for a question. If a question requires more than a reasonable amount of time, the candidate should skip that question and move on to another question. He should not be adamant to solve a question as it may lead to a loss of 3 or 4 marks.


Understand first reading

When you have limited time, you cannot afford to read a question over and over again. Read it once with full concentration and presence of mind, you will know in few seconds whether you can appear in that question or not. Do not pay attention to what is happening around you while reading the question. A diversion from a question can cause a loss for you.