Tips to Prepare for CLAT 2022 Logical Reasoning

Tips to prepare for CLAT 2022 Logical Reasoning

Coming up with a preparation strategy for the sections of CLAT is of utmost importance for every law aspirant. How you perform in a particular section of the exam totally depends on the approach you use to prepare for that section. Here are some important preparation tips that candidates can incorporate into their CLAT 2022 preparation strategy.

Use the best Books for CLAT

Be it any entrance exam, the important thing to remember is to refer to only one good book instead of creating confusion with multiple books. It's definitely a myth that studying multiple books helps. Along with understanding the topics and solving practice papers, find a good book that will best prepare you for CLAT Logical Reasoning.

Understand the Basics

Logical reasoning requires a clear understanding of the fundamentals. Topics like Calendar, Direction, Seating Arrangement, Blood Relation/Family, Nyaya, Number Test, etc are the basic topics that are covered in CLAT Logical Reasoning Section 2022.

Learn to manage time

Learn easy techniques to solve Logical Reasoning questions. This will help in time management as LR questions can be a bit tricky.

Practice mock tests and previous year question papers

Find online mock tests. They are very convenient and give you an understanding of the actual exam environment, which sections require more time, and which sections you need to attempt first. Previous year's question papers give you an idea of ​​the difficulty level of the section. A candidate must thoroughly assess the type of questions asked in the previous year's CLAT paper. Join CLAT classes in Law Prep Tutorial which is the best CLAT coaching.

Note: Do not attempt only mock tests and previous year question papers without preparation. This way, you will only be wasting your time.

Practice Regularly

Only practice can help you increase your speed and save time during the exam. It is recommended that candidates give extra effort and more time to this section as candidates often complain that logical reasoning is something new and unfamiliar.

Best of Luck for CLAT 2022.