Working On Reading Speed For CLAT 2022 Onwards – Need And Methods



The pattern for CLAT has changed recently. This has put a spanner within the works for several CLAT 2021 aspirants. This piece, however, is for people that are aspiring for CLAT 2022 and onwards. Why? Because the suggestions made during this piece about improving reading speed require long-term strategic preparation that might not yield immediate fruit, the advantages of those suggestions would accrue over time and improve performance within the long term. Not only that, these suggestions would make a student's life during a school of law much more accessible.


Why work on reading speed?


While the number of questions in CLAT has reduced with no change within the exam duration, the questions became lengthier by an outsized margin. All exam sections now carry comprehension-based questions, i.e., a lengthy passage followed by a group of 3-6 questions. Tons of those questions also are rather long – sometimes spanning 6-8 lines. Even a number of the choices for every question are rather long – sometimes travelling 2-3 lines.


At the top of the day, CLAT may be a competitive exam, and every competitive exam is essentially a race. Whoever gets the maximum marks gets a university of their preference. Impacts depend upon successful attempts. And it's important to be ready to read through (and understand) all questions and options to aim, including roll in the hay successfully, an issue. Thus, reading speed is now more important than ever in successfully cracking CLAT 2022, so opt for the best CLAT coaching in Lucknow for CLAT preparation 2022.


Methods to extend reading speed-


Building Vocabulary

Countless studies have shown that the foremost efficient thanks to increase reading speed are to enhance vocabulary. The logic for that's simple: a reader will read slow if s/he doesn't know the written words ahead of them. However, if a reader is in a position to see every word s/he is reading, there'll be no stoppages to know the meaning of some word through context.


Now, tons of CLAT aspirants from specific backgrounds have already got a head start in this regard due to their upbringing and childhood habits. Is it even possible for a standard student to catch up with such aspirants? The solution is an emphatic yes.


However, the method to enhance vocabulary isn't to select up a dictionary and begin memorizing words. Not only would such memorization be useless, but it might also even be too monumental a task to achieve!


There is an incredible book called "Word Power Made Easy" by Norman Lewis. It's divided into lessons that club words etymologically – thereby making it easier for an individual to systematically understand the roots of English words and remember them. This book is often completed during a month by giving 2-4 hours every day.


Usually, this author doesn't favour using reference books, but this is often the one book he makes an exception to. This is the primary step that each serious CLAT aspirant should take. During preparation, a student should periodically keep going back to the present book to refresh memory and ensure that the built vocabulary isn't lost.


Practice makes perfect

While remembering words and their meanings is that the initiative in increasing reading speed can rust like all other skills. Thus, it needs constant practice. The perfect place to practice this is reading editorials of excellent newspapers. It not only increases the vocabulary testing but also keeps a student au courant current affairs (which are also the main target of CLAT in both GK and Legal Reasoning sections now). That might mean hitting two birds with one stone. You can take CLAT mock test for CLAT 2022. It will help you to know where you are stand and how much you know about your CLAT subject.


While taking breaks, a student could watch English movies or TV shows (make sure that you use breaks between study sessions to observe these, not using breaks between watching sessions to study). One could also watch good English news, but which will defeat the aim of an opportunity. After all, all work and no play make Jack a dull boy.


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