60 Days Revision Plan for CMAT 2020

Getting into a reputed B school and start a fascinating career in the management world is a dream for many. To fulfil this dream of having a great work profile and handsome salary, numerous aspirants throughout the country work hard for examinations like CAT, MAT, XAT and CMAT. A green signal from these examinations can open the doors to the most prominent management institutes in the country.


Common Management Admission Test (CMAT) 2020 will be held on 24 January 2020. Several candidates will be attempting the CMAT 2020 for the first time and many would also have prior experience of the same. For all the aspirants, it is necessary to have a CMAT Revision plan and follow it with discipline. Let’s take a look at a convenient revision plan for CMAT Exam. But before that, let’s have a quick look at the CMAT 2020 exam details.



CMAT 2020 Exam Pattern


CMAT Section

No of Questions

Maximum Marks

Quantitative Aptitude 



Logical & Analytical Reasoning 






General Awareness




The CMAT 2020 test will be conducted in an online mode with 100 questions. 4 marks each will be awarded for the correct answer and 1 mark will be deducted for incorrect answer. The candidates will be allotted 3 hrs time for the exam.


CMAT 2020 Revision Plan


With 60 final days in hand, the first and foremost factor to focus is Discipline. It is essential for all the candidates to create a revision plan for all the sections of the exam and follow it with discipline without fail.


Create a revision timetable for 60 days including all the four sections. For all the 4 sections, let’s consider that the total number of topics in each section is around 20. Accordingly, the total number of sub-topics can be 80. As we are discussing the CMAT 2020 revision plan, it is assumed that the candidates have already practised and studied for CMAT all these days. 

Hence choosing one difficult topic and one easy topic every day as per your own analysis can be a simple and helpful approach. Along with this, one full mock test daily with monitoring the weak and strong sections will again be helpful. For taking full mock tests, Eduwhere.in is a great platform with various subject-wise and full mock tests.


CMAT 2020 Quantitative Aptitude: In the Quantitative Aptitude section of CMAT 2020, your mathematical skills will be tested from sections like Algebra, Geometry, Arithmetics etc. Hence, accuracy and speed are very much necessary to avoid errors in this section.  


CMAT 2020 Logical & Analytical Reasoning: In this section, logical ability related questions such as blood relations, number series, coding and decoding are asked.  


CMAT 2020 General Awareness: One needs to be updated with the current affairs related to topics like the nation, world, politics, sports and many more to do well in this section.


CMAT 2020 English: A candidate having a good hold over vocabulary is expected to do well in the English section including reading comprehension, sentence completion and others.

Day 1 - Day 20- You can begin with creating a study plan for all the days in the initial phase. It would be a good practice distributing the time in such a way that there is no long gap between two different topics from different sections. 


From the Quantitative Aptitude section, one can choose 2 topics daily along with 2 topics from Reasoning Section. One topic each from the General Awareness and Language section can be a good way to keep the revision going on. You can take 8-10 full mock tests throughout this week and analyse your results for the same.


Day 21 - Day 40- On the basis of the results of the mock tests from the previous days, you can choose which topics to cover this for the next coming days. Reading newspapers daily along with informative blogs and articles can help your vocabulary as well as General Awareness. So always make it a habit to read in your free time to crack the CMAT 2020 exam. Along with this, solving current affairs quiz, grammar tests with the preparation of all 2 topics each from the Quantitative Aptitude and Reasoning Ability, 1 topic each from CMAT General Awareness and English should not be skipped. Revising all the studied topics at the end of the day and solving one mock test daily can be extremely helpful in building confidence.


Day 41 - Day 60 - In this final 20 days, you know a lot about the difficult topics from Quant and Reasoning section, here you should ensure that you focus on the difficult areas mostly. Practising for these both sections 3 hrs a day and focusing on General Awareness and English should not be skipped. As CMAT 2020, will be held on 19 Jan, ensure that you are updated with all the current affairs from the past 6 months. Solve as many mock tests as possible and before the D-day, try to relax and stay calm as it would help you perform well for the exam.


Eduwhere wishes you good luck for your upcoming examination. We wish you success!