Buckle up for Eduwhere Free National mock test for CAT 2018

Your education partner Eduwhere is here with another national mock test for all the candidates appearing for upcoming CAT 2018 exams. The CAT exam for 2018 will be held on 25th November and candidates must be busy with their revision sessions.

If you are one of the CAT 2018 candidates, then do you wish to know how well you are prepared for the upcoming battle?

Wouldn’t it be great if can find a way to know where do you stand among all the candidates preparing throughout the country?

The idea sounds appealing, isn’t it?

Eduwhere has good news for everyone. We are conducting a FREE national mock test for all the candidates appearing for CAT 2018 exams. The FREE CAT national mock test starts at 8 AM on 21st November and ends at 8 PM 22nd November.

All you need to do is, simply register for the CAT national mock test at Eduwhere and wait for the test to begin.

The result of your test will be displayed instantly. You can view your percentile score, number score and detailed solution report and rank analysis in your results. The detailed analysis report will be available on 23rd November.

What’s exciting about Eduwhere national mock test?

Once all the students have appeared for the test, you will get to know about your performance among all the students who have taken the test.

Your national rank, individual scores in each subject, detailed subject analysis and each necessary detail will be displayed to you. This will help you in having a crystal clear idea about the topics of CAT 2018 where you need to revise harder to be a champion in the race.

What’s the best part of the national mock test?

Eduwhere will not just provide instant results but also do it for FREE. As Eduwhere provides this national mock test for all the CAT aspirants for FREE, ensure that you make the most of this opportunity.

If you haven’t enrolled yourself yet then Enroll Now and attend the national mock test and get a crystal clear idea regarding the loopholes that you need to work on!

We hope you all will appear and score well not just in this mock session but also in the CAT 2018 exam.

Eduwhere wishes you good luck and hopes for success in your mission!