Coaching is a necessity to crack CAT exam: Myth or Reality

Most of the students who wish to enter a B School focus on Common Admission Test(CAT) exam. CAT exam is usually considered as a tough one to crack and thus candidates need to put dedicated efforts to clear it. Many candidates join various online and classroom coaching classes with a hope that the entire syllabus and preparations will be covered.

On the other hand, some candidates take up coaching without any second thought. There are some students who are confused about whether to prepare at home or go for coaching.

Do you also have this question regarding the CAT exam preparation?
If yes, then you will have to find out the answer yourself rather than blindly following the advice given by others.
You might come across people who have cleared the CAT exam by self-studies. At the same time, you might have also met people who give credit to the coaching institutes for their success. The exam date for CAT 2018 is out. Hence, it’s time to make quick and calculated moves.

If you are a complete beginner then coaching can help you to get familiar with the syllabus and the flow required for initiating your studies.

Candidates who are students can choose to coach as a good option as they generally have time to spend in a classroom and gain knowledge. Whereas, several candidates prepare for their exams along with their job. Their work timings rarely allow them to join a coaching institute and attend the classes. But at the end, several people manage to score good percentile along with their jobs. Hence, joining a coaching is not always an option for every aspirant.

So, what remains common in both the categories of people?
All the candidates who have cleared the CAT exam will have certain preparation practices in common. Let’s take a look at these essential tips which should be followed by every aspirant preparing for the CAT exam.

Know the syllabus

For any big aim that you wish to achieve, starting with baby steps is a good option. Knowing the syllabus should be the first step of any aspirant. Once you are aware of the syllabus, you can have a clear idea about the topics that look familiar to you. It becomes easy to plan the study routine once right from the basics until the end.
Practice is the key
While preparing for the CAT, the more you practice, the more effective it becomes for your speed and understanding. No matter if you join any coaching or not, practicing various questions from each section a basic necessity.
Read what you get & Get what you read
It is next to impossible for anyone to be aware of all the words in the English vocabulary. How to deal with the English section then? Always remember that there isn’t any substitute when it comes to verbal ability. Develop a habit of reading regularly. It will help in making your vocabulary rich. Refer the questions asked in previous year CAT exam and try to read as much as possible. Being good with the verbal section can always help you to cope up if you are lagging in other sections.
Knowing the shortcuts

There are numerous shortcuts that work as the best tricks for competitive exams. Shortcuts for topics like Clocks & Calendars, Pipes & Cisterns etc are always useful. Ensure that you save your time by using various shortcuts while writing the exam. This can be very helpful while you are solving CAT mock tests. You can get a crystal clear idea of the time you are investing in and the number of questions that you are able to attempt.

Understanding towards the concepts

CAT is an exam which does not just check your knowledge but also your wit to apply the knowledge. For the basic preparation, you should be good with the mathematics of secondary school, vocabulary and reading skills. Once you think that you are done with the preparation of one topic, solve the questions related to the same. Go for various test papers, previous years CAT questions etc to know better about your performance.

Mock tests are mandatory for CAT exam

Attempting mock tests is one of the best ways to testing one’s preparation level. Start taking mock tests and analyze your scores. Do not get disheartened if you are not able to score well initially. With time and more practice, you will surely do better.

Learn from the toppers

We all come across success stories of a number of candidates who have entered the B School now. It is not necessary to follow the exact steps of any topper but knowing about their story is always a plus. Try to stay in touch with such people who can be your mentors and get the best tips from them.

Every student needs to take care of all the mentioned points no matter he/she takes up coaching or not. So if you are planning to join a coaching institute then ensure that you pick one with experienced faculty and a satisfactory background in terms of results. On the other hand, if you decide to prepare yourself then ensure that you do it with dedication and manage the time in the best way possible.

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Good luck!