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Setting up a comfortable and aesthetically pleasing space to study at home can help students focus on their studies. You can organize study materials by subject or course, place desks near windows, and decorate with inspirational quotes. 


Organize study materials by course / subject


Organizing study materials by course / subject at home is a great way to improve your ability to study effectively. This method helps you keep track of study materials that you need to review in order to pass a class. Professors generally provide subtopics in their syllabi, so it's helpful to organize your materials according to the topics you need to study. Once you have a pile of materials for a particular topic, label each pile with the topic.

You should consider a portable storage system if you don't have much room to store your study materials. A rolling cart or backpack works great for this. This way, you will always have everything you need to study, including your phone or laptop charger. When studying, it's also a good idea to keep your materials in separate folders. This will also allow you to access them easily when needed.

For each class, keep notes, handouts, and other materials. Keep each note in a separate notebook rather than placing them in the same file. Also, make extra note pages so you can add or delete notes as needed. You can also keep track of syllabi and handouts, as these contain important information that you need to know.


Organize desks facing a window


Organize desks facing a window to maximize natural light in your study area. A window-side desk will allow natural light to shine into the room, and it will motivate your child to focus more on their studies. However, if the window faces a busy road, you should consider putting a good light curtain over it to reduce distractions. When choosing a location, keep in mind that facing a wall is considered a bad Feng Shui location for a desk.

A window-facing desk can improve your focus and creative thinking. However, it can also reduce your productivity. It might also cause you to miss business opportunities. If you need help with the best direction for your desk, consider the layout of the room and the resources available. In most cases, desks are placed with the window to one side, but you can experiment with different orientations to see which one is most comfortable.


Minimize distractions


The first thing you need to do is minimize distractions. These distractions can be in the form of noise or the digital world. For example, smartphones are very distracting, so you should turn them off or at least store them in a separate room. You can also install a browser extension, like StayFocused, which blocks distracting websites and app notifications. It always helps me to concentrate better when I need, for example, write my paper or do another college assignment.

Another way to limit distractions is to create a study space free of distractions. For example, if you are studying in the library, try putting your phone in "do not disturb" mode or turn off the notifications. You should also let your friends know that you will be studying in order to avoid interruptions.

Distractions from social media are another huge distraction. The constant notification of emails, Facebook updates, and text messages can completely throw your focus off. As a result, you may spend two hours studying and only make a little progress. Disable all unnecessary notifications on your computer, your laptop, and your personal electronics, even if you're on a study break.


Decorate with inspirational quotes


If you are trying to decorate a place for studying at home, consider hanging up inspirational quotes. This can help students feel more connected to life. Posters of role models can also be useful in this regard. However, you should be careful to avoid using stereotypical or token representations of these people. These images can also have negative effects on the student's self-esteem. You should also remember to not clutter the area by adding too many posters. To make the space more attractive, you can put up corkboards or bulletin boards.

Choose a photo that conveys the quote's message. A beautiful photo backdrop will make the text stand out, while a colorful background will help it appear more appealing to the eye. If you don't want to put up a photo, you can use a contrasting color that will make the quote stand out.


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