MAT examination: Myths & Reality every candidate should know

MAT (Management Aptitude Test) exam is one of the most crucial entrance exams for the students who want to pursue an MBA from a reputed management institute in India. With just a few days left for MAT 2019 – May session, students are all set for the exam.

From carefully going through the syllabus to staying updated with the latest news, regularly solving online test series and spending hours on exam preparation, students leave no stone unturned to crack the exam. But among all these, there are some MAT examination myths and other doubts that become a hindrance in the exam preparation and unnecessarily increase the stress level in students. These myths are related to the exam pattern, syllabus, exam preparation and much more. Knowledge of the real facts is essential for the students to give their exam preparation a right direction and utilize their energy at the right place. Here are some common myths with the real facts which every MAT aspirant should be aware of:

1. MAT is easier to crack

The difficulty level of MAT might be lower than CAT and XAT, but it is not so easy to crack. The number of questions and less time to solve them makes the exam difficult. Answering all the questions while maintaining the accuracy level to score more than 700 marks to get a call from a good B-school makes the exam difficult.

2. Work experience is essential to apply for MAT

This is one of the biggest myths related to this MBA exam for admission in the management colleges. To meet MAT eligibility criteria, a candidate only needs to have a graduation degree from a recognized university with 50% aggregate marks.

3. MAT exam may be discontinued

For a few years, there is a rumour that the MAT exam might be discontinued. Don't believe all such rumours; rather, visit AIMA's website for the real information and focus on your preparation to get admission in an MBA program of your choice. There is a clear notification on AIMA's website that the exam is not going to be called off in any condition.

4. Good command at Mathematics is essential to score well in MAT

Having strong command at mathematics is essential to crack MAT is another myth believed by the management aspirants. By analysing the trends and the type of questions asked in the quantitative section, experts noticed that students need some tricks to solve the problems quickly and accurately. All you need is a basic understanding of mathematics with a logical approach to solve the tricky questions.

5. Like CAT, MAT also has a sectional cut-off

There is a myth among MAT aspirants that like CAT they need to clear all sections in MAT as well, which is not true. This exam looks at the overall score, not section wise cut-offs. So, you can simply focus on your strong areas along with due attention to other sections, but without taking unnecessary pressure and stress of meeting all the sectional cut-offs.

6. Cracking the exam without coaching is not possible

There is no exam that you can’t crack without coaching. It all depends on the self-discipline and dedication of the students. There are students who have scored well without spending money on expensive coaching institutes. All you need is to carefully go through MAT syllabus and regularly check your progress by solving practice tests. Online MAT test series can be really helpful for the students. Prepared by experienced teachers, online tests including mock tests, previous year papers and sample papers help students understand their weaknesses, analyse their performance and make changes in the exam preparation strategies to score well in the final exam.

If you don’t want to join coaching and still need the guidance of experts, you can download the mobile learning apps and can get your doubts resolved by experienced teachers. You can also connect with other aspirants and can ask for their tips and suggestions to boost your MAT exam preparation.

7. All questions can be solved within 150 minutes

Actually, solving 200 questions in 150 minutes is what makes the exam difficult. This is a time-based exam where candidates have to solve 200 questions in 2.5 hours. Practically, it is impossible to solve all 200 questions in the given time. So, instead of solving all questions, you should focus on picking the appropriate questions to answer.

8. Choosing a later date for MAT is a wiser decision

As the exam is conducted 4 times a year, students end up wasting a lot of time thinking about the right time to appear for the exam. They think that the selection of the next round will give them more time to understand the exam pattern and learn from the experience of the candidates who have already taken the exam. In reality, the difficulty level and the question pattern differ for each round, which makes it more difficult for the students to prepare for the exam based on the previous pattern. So, don't wait for the right time; just fill the application form and appear for the exam whenever you feel, you are ready to crack MAT exam.

9. Toppers are the best source of information and guidance

Learning from the experience of others is good, but blindly following them is never a good idea. There are students who believe that just following the footsteps of MAT toppers can help them achieve success in the exam, which is not true. Every student has own strategies and methods of learning. You can ask toppers for their experience and exam preparation strategies and can change the same as per your requirements. Just make sure you don’t follow them blindly as it can be more harmful than beneficial.

Conclusion: Getting success in any exam is not possible if the preparation is done with half or wrong information. So, first, overcome these myths, understand the reality and start MAT preparation to come out with flying colours. Just believe in yourself and give your best shot rather than wasting your energy and efforts on myths.