Time Management Tips for XAT Examination

XLRI has released XAT 2020 exam dates according to which the exam will be conducted on January 5, 2020. Now with less than two months left for the exam, this is the time for the final revision and practice. Along with strengthing your concepts and revising the syllabus, you should also start working on your time-management skills for the exam day. No doubt solving online mock tests and previous year papers make the best techniques to get strong command on effective answering, but there are lot more other things that you need to keep in the mind to manage time in the examination hall.


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Continue reading the blog to find out some helpful time management tips for XAT examination.

Exam day checklist

This is the day when all your hard work will be utilized. As every minute counts in the examination hall, you should be well-prepared for the exam not just in terms of going through XAT syllabus but also with some other aspects. Given below is the exam day checklist to help you in effective XAT time-management.

  • Carry your admit card to the examination hall as the candidates will not be given entry without a valid admit card. Download the same from the official website before the last day to avoid any problem.
  • Carry a valid and original identification proof such as Voter ID card, passport or Adhaar card to the XAT exam centre.
  • Though the exam will be conducted in an online format, you should carry stationery items or at least a pen.
  • Make sure you don't carry any electronic item like mobile phone, digital watch, calculator etc. to the examination hall as it will create unnecessary stress about the security of these items.
  • Reach the examination centres at least an hour before the scheduled time.

These points might sound too common but can create a lot of problems if not followed. For instance, forgetting the admit card can cause additional stress as well as wastage of time.

Section-wise XAT time management

As per XAT exam pattern, there will be four sections including

  1. Verbal and Logical Ability
  2. Decision Making
  3. Quantitative Ability & Data Interpretation
  4. General Knowledge

Though there is no sectional time limit and candidates can attempt questions from any section, to move on to Part 2 that includes GK, candidates first need to complete the time duration of Part 1 that is 165 minutes. It means you need to manage 165 minutes wisely to answer the maximum number of questions with accuracy.

1. Verbal and Logical Ability

XAT is one of the management entrance exams that have questions from almost all the areas in Verbal and Logical ability section. This section has a mix of questions to check your reading and reasoning skills to solve which you need to have strong XAT vocabulary. Out to 165 minutes, you can spend 50 minutes on this section. Start with vocabulary, para-jumbles and non-RC questions to utilize your time well.

2. Decision Making

This section has a mix of behavioural, managerial and mathematical questions, which challenge the basic assumptions of your thinking while checking your understanding of real-world problems. To quickly solve questions in this section, you should:

  • Establish stakeholders in a given problem
  • Analyze the problems holistically with each stakeholder's perspective
  • Consider the viewpoint with maximum benefit and minimum damage
  • Ignore options that pronounce unsubstantiated judgments
  • Avoid personal opinions

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3. Quantitative Ability & Data Interpretation

This section has questions from Arithmetic, Number System, Algebra and Geometry. During XAT revision, you should lay more emphasis on the practice of the basic concepts to perform well in this section. The questions in this section are simple but a bit calculation-intensive, which you will be able to solve quickly only when you know the formulas. This section usually has questions in sets, but you should not waste time on solving all the questions in a particular set. Even if you are able to solve 2 questions from a set of 5 questions and find it difficult to answer the remaining questions, you should leave the rest and move on to the next question. 

4. General Knowledge

This is the easiest section with the least risk. As the marks of this section are not included to calculate the final percentile and there is no negative marking in this section, you can freely attempt questions in 15 minutes.

XAT time management tips for the exam day:

The three hours you get in the examination hall are the most crucial hours. It's very important to use every minute wisely without letting anxiety take over you. Here are a few quick tips to help you effectively manage time while writing the XAT exam:

  • Though there is no sectional time limit, you should set it for yourself to ensure that you devote equal time on each section.
  • Whenever you start any section, spend at least 2-5 minutes on going through the questions and deciding the ones you will pick first.
  • When solving DI, RC or LR sections, read the questions first to get an idea of what the passage or set has in it.
  • Don't waste time on solving all the questions in DILR section. Even if you know the answers of 2-3 questions in a set, solve them and leave the rest to answer other questions.
  • As there will be negative marking of 0.10 mark for un-attempted questions beyond 8 questions, be careful while skipping the questions also. Save time for revision and go through the un-attempted questions once again to find out some questions that you might answer later.
  • RC can be challenging section in XAT; therefore, you should carefully attempt this section. Instead of going with the passages that have a lot of inferential or application questions, attempt the ones that have the main idea, phrase meaning, vocabulary, fact co-relation questions as these are easier to solve.

Time management is crucial to get the best result and the only way to get ready for this is practice. As there are only a few weeks left for the exam, start XAT revision and practice by regularly solving online mock tests provided by platforms like Eduwhere. As the platform provides mock tests as per the latest exam pattern, it will help you understand the pattern, difficulty level of the questions and set your strategies for the D-day based on your performance in the practice tests.