Do’s and Don’ts For NEET Exam Preparation

Students who wish to pursue medical sciences to become a doctor or a dentist after their 12th are required to undertake the National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET). The NEET is the only entrance exam for admission in an undergraduate course in medical and dental colleges all over the country. This exculdes the All India Institute of Medical Sciences in New Delhi.

The details are available on the official website, which you should visit from time to time for regular updates. Preparing yourself with the appropriate study material according to the syllabus is aone way to succedd. Along with it understanding the examination pattern can go a long way in helping you clear the exam. Also check the various options available for online NEET preparation.

Eligibility and Examination Pattern

The minimum age for application is 17 years and the maximum is 25 years with a 5 year relaxation for SC/ST/OBC in the maximum age limit. Students must pass in Physics, Chemistry, Biology or Biotechnology and English in their 12th final examination; and must score a minimum of 50% in all these subject combined. The qualifying percentage for SC/ST/OBC is 45%.

The entrance examination is based on the syllabus of Class 11th and 12th for Physics, Chemistry, Botany and Zoology with 180 objective questions. You need solve the same in 3 hours. Every subject has 45 questions, each with 4 choices. A correct answer scores you 4 marks but for each wrong answer, 1 mark is deducted. There is no negative marking in the case of no option selected or more than 1 option chosen.

According to the official announcement by CBSE, out of 13,26,725 students who appeared for NEET 2018, only 7,14,562 have qualified. This clearly shows that approximately 50% students who appear for NEET, qualify. NEET offers a total of 66,000 seats only, out of which 85% are reserved seats for states and 15% are all India quota.

Syllabus, Study Material and Online NEET Preparation

The very first step is to identify the syllabus for your NEET examination. It is available on the official website along with other details that you may find of use as you start preparing. It is recommended to study from the NCERT books. Along with that you will also need to indulge in  some other form of preparation to help you understand the diverse topics of each subject better. Opting for online NEET preparation will help you study at your own pace with the freedom of spending as much or as little time you wish to on various topics.

Every warrior who has to perform well in the battlefield needs to take care of certain points where mistakes can’t be afforded.  You should have your list of Do’s and Don’ts ready for the battle of clearing NEET exams. If you haven’t done it so far, you just can’t miss this article.

Make Sure You Go Through These Imperative Do’s:

Practice makes perfect!

The best way to ensure preparation for the exam is to analyse the topics that you comprehend completely and have little or no difficulty in tackling. In between studying for the other topics, practice the ones you are familiar with to strengthen your domain. Practice with NEET Mock Tests for perfection. Time yourself while attempting mock tests or solving question papers. Keep a record of the number of correctly answered questions in the time taken. Now, aim to better this record with each attempt. This will help to hone your brain to work accurately with speed.

Extra Preparation Always Helps

It is a good idea to enrol in an online NEET preparation programme like the one available at to help you focus on your weak points. Remember that NCERT books are your best friends at the time being. Do also consult NEET guides for better clarity of each topic.

Learn to Manage Time

Divide your time for each topic according to your level of knowledge. It is advisable to make a timetable for your studies for optimum use of your time and thorough preparation. Keep your calm and concentrate on answering the maximum questions you can with surety within the time allotted. Revisit the ones you left out in the end.

Test and Retest Yourself

Chart a plan for each month where you study certain chapters and then practise the same with question banks or NEET test series. This will familiarise you with the pattern of the examination and give you an idea of the topics that are important or repetative.

Focus on Strengths and Eliminate Weakness

Solve question papers of previous years and take quizzes designed for particular topics. Eduwhere is an exclusive platform for competitive exam preparation. The website offers you full mock tests, practice tests and subject wise tests, to enable you to increase your skill and gain proficiency in every area. Strengthen your dominant areas by taking the NEET mock tests over and over again to rule out any ambiguities.

Keep These Imperative Don’ts in Mind:

Don’t Overwork

Please do not overload yourself with innumerable books. Go through each book briefly to decide the best ones for you. A good idea is also to go through a NEET mock test to help you decide which topics you need the most help with. Make sure you go through each topic covered to judge which book explains the concepts that you need a better understanding of.

Don’t Neglect Your Health

Read, study, solve question papers and assess your preparation but do not forget to eat at small intervals so you are never too full or empty to study. Eat a healthy, nutritious diet and make sure you get plenty of fresh air. It is a good idea to make a plan for spending some time daily in the outdoors. Talk often to friends and family about your fears and discomfort. This will help you in staying sane and calm which is an important aspect of being successful at anything.

Don’t forget to study in a calculated way

Once you have understood the syllabus, it becomes easy for you to calculate the bare minimum required to clear the exam. Aim to answer at least 130 questions in total, then move to the balance. Do not answer a question that you are not sure of, a 0 is far better than -1. Attempt 70 – 80 questions in Biology and, 30 each in Physics and Chemistry.

Don’t Compromise. Work smart!

Don’t be in a rush to attempt all questions. Use your time wisely to assess the correct answer, do not compromise accuracy for speed. Keep your calm and concentrate on answering the maximum questions you can with surety within the time allotted. You can revisit the ones you left out in the end.

Don’t forget to De-clutter!

Take short breaks from studying to free your mind of all clutter or any confusion of topics. At the end of each break, assess what you have retained and whatever is not clear or cannot be remembered, goes back in the timetable for comprehensive learning.

Good Luck for Cracking NEET

Consult the Eduwhere online programme for NEET examination with a vast array of important topics. Eduwhere is a dedicated platform for preparation of competitive exams which ensures ample practice through mock tests and comprehensive learning material.

In the end, remember what Aristotle said, “Well begun is half done“. If you begin a systematic plan of tackling all subjects with the right books to help you and an online NEET preparation programme, you are halfway there, my friend! Good luck and get cracking!