How To Crack NEET In A Single Attempt


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CBSE is conducting the NEET 2018 exam on May 6. The board students are going get a month interval for the national medical entrance exam.

Here are few tips to crack NEET in a single attempt.

Understand the concepts

The most important thing is to clear your concepts, to begin with. Brush up important theories, reaction mechanisms and derivations from the NCERT textbooks and NEET guides. For topics that have plenty of formulae, keep topic-wise concept sheets ready, as it comes handy with the revision.

Practice, Practice, Practice

Try to solve as many questions as you can. Practice with a lot of mock-tests online & offline. Also, don’t forget to include previous papers in your plan. It not only helps to imply the tips & tricks you have learned, but also help in time-management.

Plan your studies

Create a daily plan, rather than aiming for broader weekly or monthly targets. Make sure to solve all the JEE level problems in Physics, as they’ll get you ready for NEET.

Time management

Here is the key rule: Don’t spend more than 45 minutes on Biology, and 1 hour on Chemistry. Save the rest of the time for Physics.

Plan your paper strategy 

It is always better to strike off the easier questions first, then move towards difficult ones. It’ll build your confidence and keep you going until the end.


Don’t forget to relax. Keep the calm. Eat healthy & take proper rest.

Most importantly, make sure to regulate your schedule in a way that you get enough sleep and time for relaxation. Stress and nervousness are only natural. 
Believe in yourself. You can!